How to Fix SASSA Card Declined in 2024? Quick Solutions

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides financial support to citizens facing financial disorders, through several grants. To make payments easy to access, SASSA launches the payment method of using SASSA cards to easily access grant payments. 

SASSA Card Declined

What should I do if my SASSA card is declined?  If you are facing issues regarding your SASSA card perhaps, if it’s not working at payments points or ATMs. It can be very irritating if you urgently need money. There can be several reasons. It can be possible that either you unknowingly block your Sassa SRD card or it can be blocked by SASSA. Let’s discuss the important steps you must take if you face one of the above problems regarding the SASSA card.

Introduction to SASSA Card

Before moving towards the problems regarding SASSA cards, let’s understand the importance of SASSA cards. The SASSA card is the primary factor to easily access your grant payments anytime and anywhere when you need them in South Africa. These cards are only issued to South African citizens who pass eligibility criteria requirements and get Sassa grants after their Sassa application has been approved by the SASSA team. You can also apply and get the SASSA card if you are receiving any grant including SRD grants, Old age grants, disability grants, child support grants, foster grants, War Veterans Grant, Grant In Aid and Care Dependency Grant.

The SASSA card application process is also easy to understand. The SASSA cards are important because they can easily be accepted everywhere. It helps people who need support, by giving them money for basic life needs like food, clothes, and other necessities. The Sassa program helps to reduce poverty and helps communities to grow and improve their financial conditions. 

Common Reasons Behind SASSA Card Declined 

Before moving towards the solution of any problem it’s important to know the reasons behind it. Here are some common reasons behind the SASSA card decline.

Common Reasons Behind SASSA Card Declined

Insufficient Fund

One of the most common reasons behind the SASSA card decline is insufficient and low funds in the bank that are linked to the SASSA card. Before making any transaction, it is important to ensure that your account has enough funds to withdraw the payment.

Maximizing Withdrawal Limits

Exceeding the limit of transactions can also result in your SASSA card declination. You can withdraw your grant money daily in between the amount of 1000 to 1800 normally. For detailed guidelines of updated limits about your grant, you can visit the SASSA official website.  

Grant Collection Delays

If you do not withdraw your grant payments timely. SASSA will consider you as an inactive user and will decline or block your SASSA card.

Card Expired

What should I do if my Sassa card has expired? Likely to the other bank cards, SASSA cards also have an expiration date. If your Sassa card not working properly then this may occur because of Sassa card has been expired, it will be automatically declined when you use it for making transactions. Renewing your SASSA card before it expires is a potential factor to avoid declination.

But according to the latest updates, Your SASSA card will remain operational throughout 2024, even if expires there will be no blockage due to expiry.

Incorrect PIN

Entering the wrong PIN  code can also result in a declined transaction. SASSA declares you as an unauthorized user and declines your card for safety reasons. It is important to remember your PIN code and don’t share it with anyone else to prevent unauthorized use of your SASSA card.

Bank Account Closure

Issues regarding your bank account can also be the cause of your SASSA card being declined. If you close your bank account and it is associated with the SASSA grant, or if you have long pending Transactions, SASSA will decline your card.

Suspicious Activities

SASSA monitors card transactions for any suspicious activity that may indicate fraud or unauthorized access. If such an activity is detected, SASSA may block your Sassa card temporarily for security reasons, which can lead to declined transactions.

Technical issues 

Sometimes, the declination of your SASSA card can be the result of SASSA technical glitches or system maintenance. In such cases, the issue is often temporary and will resolved on its own.

Security concerns 

Suspicious or unusual transactions may trigger security measures, leading to a declined transaction. Verifying your identity or contacting Sassa may resolve this issue.

Damaged Card Chip

If you have a question related to what I need to do if my Sassa card not working at atm? If you damage your SASSA card’s chip by mistake break your card. It may result in the decline of your SASSA card or showing an error at the ATM points.

SASSA Grant Rejection

If your SASSA grant is declined or canceled. It can be due to the means test of that month or exceeding the criteria requirements. In these cases, SASSA will decline your card. 

The above-mentioned reasons are some of the most common reasons for SASSA card decline or blockage. If you know the exact reason for your SASSA card blockage you can easily proceed to unblock or re-activate your SASSA card. A few People also ask how to unblock Sassa card online. The answer is best way to unblock your sassa card through arranging a call or after visiting the Sassa office you can unblock 

Process to Fix Your Declined SASSA Card 

Now the question is how to fix Sassa’s decline. Fixing your SASSA card is very important to continuously receiving your grant payments. Its process is very easy. Before understanding the process please understand if you do have not your SASSA card then the big question is how to withdraw money without an SASSA card. Without a Sassa card yes you can easily withdraw Sassa money.

Process to Fix Your Declined SASSA Card

If you are comfortable in calling, you can call at SASSA Office and reactivate your SASSA block card. Or if you want to deal with the problem by meeting in person you can visit any of your nearest SASSA offices. 

Unblock via Calling the SASSA Toll-Free Number

It is a very simple and easy method to contact SASSA and solve your problem. You need to follow these steps:

  • Dial the SASSA toll-free number 0800 60 10 11.
  • Listen to the automated voice message carefully and select the required option to talk with the SASSA officer. usually, it is number 1 to connect with a SASSA agent.
  • Once you get connected, inform the SASSA representative that you need guidance to unblock your SASSA card, which is declined at an ATM during withdrawal.
  • They will ask you for your personal information. Provide your ID or phone number for identity verification.
  • Once you verify your personal information successfully, the SASSA representative will explain the reason for the declined status of the Sassa card and guide you about how to resolve the issue.
  • If their system has done the blockage of your card, they will reactivate your card.

If you damage your card physically you may be required necessarily to visit the SASSA office. Make sure you call SASSA using the same phone number associated with your SASSA grant application for prompt processing. Using another phone number may cause difficulties.

Unblock via Visiting the Nearest Sassa Office 

If you feel uneasy calling and are more comfortable meeting in person you can visit the nearest SASSA office to fix the problems regarding your SASSA card declined. You need to follow these simple steps:

  • To visit the SASSA office you need to collect your identity documents like your ID card or phone number same as you use in your Sassa SRD grant application.
  • Make sure you visit the SASSA office in the office timing.
  • Expect the long queues outside the SASSA office. Stand in there and patiently wait for your turn.
  • Once it’s your turn, consult the SASSA officer about your SASSA card blockage and you are here to unblock your SASSA card. Also, tell them when you notice your card decline.
  • They will ask you for your personal information. Provide your ID or phone number for identity verification.
  • Once you verify successfully, the SASSA representative will explain the reason for the card status being declined and guide you about how to resolve the issue.
  • If the blockage of your card has been done by their system, they will reactivate your card.

It is a timely process, you may wait for hours for your turn. If you are a work person and did not get leave, it is recommended to consider the calling method first. If calling is not only required, you may have to visit the SASSA office necessarily.

What to do If the SASSA Card Remains Blocked 

Once you’ve tried the steps mentioned above, your card should be working again. But if for some reason SASSA can’t unblock your Sassa card, you can apply for a new card. Just go to the Sassa office and they’ll help you figure out if that’s possible to get a new card in based on why your card was blocked.

In the meantime, you can switch to getting your grant payment in cash methods instead of considering how to change your grant payments. You can do this by going to the Post Office, Pick n Pay, or other places that work with SASSA.

If you lost your SASSA card, or Sassa card swallowed by an atm? there’s a guide to help you get it back. You can also read or guide on lost SASSA cards.

Steps Required to Protect Your SASSA Card from Blockage 

Now, that you know how to reactivate your declined or blocked SASSA card, it’s important to take some steps to prevent the card blocks in the future. Here are some helpful tips for you:

  • Don’t overrun your ATM withdrawal limit: for daily and monthly, there is a fixed limit for withdrawal grant payments. It can be based on your grant, so make sure to know your limits.
  • Collect your grant on time: Don’t delay withdrawal up to your grant payments as it could lead to your card being declined again.
  • Memorize your card PIN: Avoid getting your card blocked by always remembering your PIN and entering the correct PIN in one attempt, avoid repeating the wrong attempts.
  • Guard your card details: Keep your card information private and secure. Don’t share it with anyone and keep it safe.
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately: If you lost your card, inform SASSA right away to prevent any unauthorized use.

By following these simple tips, you can safeguard your card and prevent any issues in the future.


Dealing with a declined SASSA card can be frustrating, but it’s important to understand why it’s happening. Whether it’s a wrong PIN, technical glitch, or other issues, take the time to investigate each possibility. Remember to keep your PIN private and monitor your balance regularly. And if you’ve applied for benefits, keep track of your SASSA status. By staying informed and reaching out for help when needed, you can fix these challenges with confidence.


If any of your Sassa cards like the Sassa gold card not working at atm then there are certain reasons. This might be due to insufficient funds, technical issues, or security concerns. Check your balance, ensure your card is functional, and contact SASSA for assistance if needed.

To fix a declined SASSA application, review the rejection reason, address any errors or missing information, and resubmit your application with accurate details. If unsure, contact SASSA for guidance and assistance throughout the process.

The SASSA card remains an essential tool for beneficiaries to access social grants electronically. It offers convenience and security, enabling easy withdrawal and transactions at authorized points.

Your SASSA card may not be withdrawn due to various reasons such as insufficient funds, technical issues at the ATM or point of sale, or a problem with your card itself. Ensure you have enough funds, try a different ATM, and if the issue persists, contact SASSA for assistance.

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