SASSA Grant Types [2024]: Understanding, Eligibility Criteria, and Grant Amounts 

Sassa is a South African Social Security Agency that aims to provide financial support to the citizens of South Africa. This organization aims to provide loans to those people who are disabled old and unable to manage the basic expenses of life. This organization started working in 2006 but at the time of covid 19, they served millions of people.

SASSA Grant Types

As per the demands of South African Citizens, the Sassa offers different types of Sassa Social Grants for citizens of South Africa. What are these Sassa grant types? How can people apply for grants? If you want to understand all the information related to Sassa loans then you are in the right place 

What are Sassa Social Grants?

As the name indicates these are also called Sassa grants, the monthly stipend paid by the South African Social Security Agency to the permanent citizens of South Africa. This stipend is allocated to those individuals who do not have the means to support themselves, are old and disabled , and have children under the age of 13 years.

Not only citizens can apply for Sassa loans but asylum seekers and those who have special permits to live in South Africa can also get loans. These grants enable the needy or deserving persons to spend their lives decently and fulfill all their basic needs without any trouble. The Sassa team only selects candidates who are deserving and fulfill the means test. So the selection of the right people is the only key to the success of the Sassa Social Grant program

What are the different types of Social Grants in South Africa?

The government of South Africa offers different types of grants after understanding the nature of the demands of the citizens. Sometimes the children are looking to get a specific amount or in some cases, the old persons who are now unable to do jobs are looking for grants. So after a detailed evaluation, the Sassa team offers different types of Grants in South Africa.

So let’s start to discuss the grant types in detail

SRD R350 Grant

The government of South Africa announces the SRD R350 grant program in covid 19 to manage the pandemic situation. The government offers R350 for those who get qualified the means test for this grant.

Sassa SRD 350 Grant

So let’s discuss the eligibility criteria for this grant

  • If an applying person is Medically unfit and unable to do work for the last 6 months then with medical evidence 
  • If the applicant has been affected by any disaster then they can apply 
  • If the grant holding person has expired then on behalf of the person the other family member can apply 
  • If the person is admitted to any private or government hospital then they can apply 
  • If the person is unable to do the job then  they can also be eligible to proceed with the application process 

These are some common eligibility criteria for the application process. If you want to understand more details then you can visit the SRD R350.

Care Dependency Grant

The care dependency grant is designed to give funds to those who have mentally or physically unfit old persons or children. The Care Dependency grant amount assigned by the government is R2090 for those who fulfill the mean test. These funds enable the candidates to get full attention and move toward a normal life.

Sassa Care Dependency Grant

The eligibility criteria for the Care dependency grant are given below

  • The applicant should be less than 18 years of age 
  • The applicants not getting any sort of funds from any organisation linked with the government 
  • The applicant should have a Sassa medical assessment referral form with valid medical records indicating the medical condition of the applicant
  • The children should have birth certificates signed and stamped by the Department of Home Affairs
  • The applicants should pass the mean test

These are some basic requirements, if you want to apply then you should have a 13-digit ID number. In case if you want to understand more about this grant then you can check the Care Dependency grant 

Older Persons Grant  

The Older Persons grant assigned by Sassa is for those people who are 6o years old and have no basic funds to spend the basic expenses of life. The sassa offered an amount of R2090 for those persons who have passed the means test criteria of the Older Persons Grant.

Sassa Older Persons Grant 

If you are 60 years old and are looking to get the loan amount then please understand the eligibility criteria

  • The person should be 60 years old
  • The applicant is not involved in any kind of Social funds providing organization
  • The applicant’s spouse should also pass the means test 
  • You should have 13 digit ID card number which enables you to get enrolled in the Sassa Loans Program 

If you think you are fulfilling the criteria, and you need to understand the process of the grant application process then you can visit the Older Persons Grant Program.

War Veterans Grant

The war veterans grant is for those people who were involved in World War II or Korean War. The second condition this grant is for only those who are above 60 years old. The applicants who fulfill the means test get the R2110 War Veterans Grant amount from Sassa.

Sassa War Veterans Grant

The eligibility criteria for the War veterans grant are given below

  • The applicant and spouse both must fulfill the mean test
  • The applicant is not involved in any type of Social grants 
  • The applicants should not have any sort of bank statement 
  • The applicant should be involved in the War
  • The applicant should have a valid 13 Digit ID card number 

If you have all the documents and you think you are eligible to apply for the Sassa grant then you can visit the nearest Sassa Office and complete the application process for Sassa grants

Disability Grant 

The Sassa loans for disability grants are for those who have been disabled for the last six months. If the person has been disabled for the last 6 months then they can get a temporary disability grant or if the person has been disabled for the last 1 year then they can apply for a permanent disability grant. If the applicant gets approved then they can get an R2090 grant from Sassa disability grant easily.

Sassa Disability Grant

So let’s understand the eligibility criteria for the Sassa disability grant

  • The applicant’s age should be less than 60 years and more than 18 years of age.
  • The applicants should have a valid medical record indicating the disability of the person
  • Again the applicant and his spouse must fulfill the means test 
  • Remember you are not getting any sort of funds from any social grants offering company 
  • You are not admitted to any government-linked institutes and not getting treatment properly 
  • You need to fill out the clinical form and sign by your health care provider consultants 
  • A valid 13-digit bar code will enable you to apply for Sassa loans

If a person fulfills the above criteria and is looking to understand more about the loan then he can visit the nearest Sassa office or visit the Sasas Disability Grants.


If the person is already enrolled in Sassa loans and is unable to take care of themselves then the applicant can get an additional amount in the form of a Sassa Grant in Aid form. It is only viable for old disabled and children who are already enrolled in the Sassa loans program. The Sassa grant amount of R510 is additionally added to the Sassa amount that a person already received.

Sassa Grant-In-Aid

So let’s discuss who qualifies for the Sassa Loan after understanding the eligibility criteria for the Grant-in-aid program

  • The applicant should already enrolled in the Sassa loan program like an Old Age grant, Disability grant, or War Veteran’s grant 
  • The applicant should have proper documents that support the disability of the applicant and need a full-time caretaker for better growth of the applicant 
  • Clinical valid information  should be submitted 
  • Applicants should not be getting any sort of services from government-linked institutions

If you are getting Sassa loans and are looking to apply for this grant then you can either Visit the nearest Sassa office or you can also visit the Sassa Grant-in-aid program 

Child Support Grant 

If you are a biological parent or are a primary care provider of a child, and unable to manage the basic expenses of life. Then you need to apply for a child support grant. After providing the child support grant if you are verified then you can get the amount of R510 monthly.

Sassa Child Support Grant 

So let’s understand the criteria for a Child Support Grant

  •  The children should be less than 18 years of age
  • You should have a valid child birth certificate.
  • Both Applicant and spouse should meet the means test eligibility criteria 
  • The child not getting any sort of services from government base institutes 
  • If the child continues his studies then the caretaker should arrange for Sassa’s proof of school attendance form evidence and academic records to be attached during the process of the application submission process 

After understanding the eligibility criteria if you are sure you are eligible then you are good to fill out the application after visiting the Sassa office or exploring the Child Support grant Program. 

Foster Child Grant

If you have a foster child and you are worried about how to manage the living expenses of the foster children then you can apply for a foster child grant. If you are enrolled in a foster child grant then you can get R1130 per month.

Sassa Foster Child Grant

The documents required for the foster child grant are below

  • If you have a court document that proves your custody then you can apply
  • The child must be cared for by Fosster’s parents 
  • A child must have a valid birth certificate 

After arranging all the documents you can visit the Sassa office and submit your application. 

In-Depth Application Process of Sassa Grants

The first and best method is to visit the nearest Sassa office and submit your application. If you are looking to understand the process before visiting the Sassa office then you can understand all information and review it in detail.

Reasons for Sassa Grant Rejection

There are various reasons for grant rejection so let’s understand the common Reasons:

Data Entry Mistakes

Sometimes the applicant makes clerical mistakes like wrong spelling of any verifiable word so after the wrong information Sassa loan granting team may reject your application 

Wrong Grant Selection

In some cases, people did not understand the eligibility criteria and thought this grant was good enough to apply for. However, after the application submission process, they face rejection like a person thinks he is eligible for the Sasas child Support grant and he has submitted all the valid information. However, the Sassa team diagnosed this person was not eligible for the Sassa Child Support grant. Rather the person fulfills the criteria of the foster Child Grant program. So I suggest before applying for any application you have to understand which sort of grant is best for you and after the selection you can proceed to the next steps.

So here are several factors that play an important role in grant rejection so you need to save yourself from rejection by understanding the eligibility criteria and rechecking the application before the submission process 


SASSA provides vital financial aid to South African citizens through a range of social grants tailored to specific needs. They offer variety of Sassa grant types. These grants, like the SRD R350 Grant and Disability Grant, serve as lifelines for many. To avoid rejection, applicants must understand and meet the eligibility criteria. They can seek further assistance from SASSA through their toll-free call center or head office contacts. SASSA remains dedicated to its mission of combating poverty and promoting social development.


SASSA beneficiaries are individuals who receive any of the grants provided by the South African Social Security Agency.

SASSA stands for the South African Social Security Agency, a government entity responsible for administering social security grants.

SASSA offers various grants, including:

  • SRD Grant (e.g., the R350 grant)
  • Care Dependency Grant
  • Child Support Grant
  • Foster Child Grant
  • Disability Grant
  • Grant-In-Aid
  • Older Persons Grant
  • War Veterans Grant

SASSA operates under the Ministry of Social Development and the Department of Social Development (DSD) of the South African Government. Its funding primarily comes from national taxes.

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