SASSA Change Phone Number 2024 – Update SRD Contact Info

SASSA (The South African Social Security Agency) must require a personal phone number while applying for any social grant. In this era of advancement, every other person needs to stay connected with important updates and notifications regarding their Sassa Srd grants and other changes in criteria.

SASSA Change Phone Number

Have you recently changed your phone number? And you want to update your new number with SASSA, to get updated in receiving your grant payments or any other updates. If you are looking for the step-by-step procedure about how to change your SASSA Phone Number. There’s no worries about it. Let’s see how to complete the changing process.

Common Reasons for Srd Sassa Change Phone Number 

There can be several reasons you might need to change your phone number. Let’s have a look at the most common reasons:

Lost or Stolen Phone

One of the most common reasons behind changing phone numbers is that you lost your phone or your phone is stolen.

Grant Registration SIM Swap

The other reason is your grant was registered on your previous number but now, you have changed your SIM card.

Phone Number Error

It might happen that you put the wrong phone number by mistake. You might face any digit wrong information error while typing your number for your SASSA application.

Proxy Phone Number 

If you had applied for a grant using some other person’s phone number. And now you are unable to access that person.

Required Documents

You need to provide a few documents for security reasons to ensure that you are an authorized person. These may include:

  • Identity Documents: Your 13-digit ID number is needed for identity verification.
  • Proof of residence: they may ask you to provide your current address to confirm the right person.
  • Old or New Numbers: you need to provide them with both your cell numbers for the updating process. 

How to Change Srd Phone Number without Application ID?

If you have misplaced or forgotten your application ID, you can easily retrieve it from the SASSA SRD website. The application ID is a 6-digit code assigned to your SRD grant application during the application process. This code is used to identify your application. Follow these steps to retrieve your application ID:

  • Visit the SASSA SRD website status check page at
  • Enter your 13-digit South African ID number without spaces and the previous cell phone number you used during the application.
  • Click on submit. Your 6-digit application ID will be displayed on the first line.

Make a note of your application ID and proceed with updating your contact details using the key steps provided below.

The procedure of SASSA Change Srd Phone Number

Let’s talk about three different ways to start changing phone numbers. It can be done either online or in person. If you want to change your number using an online method, this will be very simple or easy. In case you don’t have internet access, you can contact the SASSA call center and visit your nearest office.

The procedure of SASSA Change Srd Phone Number

Srd Sassa Change Phone Number via Official Website

Srd changing cellphone numbers online is an easy process. In this era of advancement, I recommend you change your number by using these easy methods. This may take a few clicks to proceed. 

  • Visite SASSA Website: You need to open the SASSA official website or SASSA update contact details page by using this link 
  • Enter Identity Details: Now, enter your South African 13-digit ID number and your application ID to access the required option.
  • Submit the Form: Make sure to enter the correct details carefully. Double-check the information before form submission. Then submit the form.
  • Verification of New Number and Email: Then, you will be asked to enter the email address you used to register your SRD grant. After email verification, you need to enter your new number and submit the form again.
  • Reasons Queries: Now, they will ask you to state the reason for changing the phone number. Choose the appropriate reason from the given options:
  • Srd Lost phone number or stolen cell phone
  • Used another person’s phone number for the application, and am now unable to access it
  • Any other reason for not having access to the mobile number used during the application?
  • OTP Verification of New Number: After selecting the reason, they will send you an OTP on your new number. Enter the OTP code on the website and then submit it. After updating your phone number you will be notified and get all the grant-related updates on your new number.

Change the Phone Number of SRD Grants via the Call Center

If you do not have internet access you can use the second method to change your phone number. You need to use their toll-free number to call them at 0800 60 10 11. Make a call and ask the call agent to change your contact details. They will ask you questions to verify your identity. Once the verification is complete, they will update your phone number. 

Sassa Change Number by Visiting SASSA Office

If you find both the above methods unavailable you can visit your nearest SASSA office. You need to collect the necessary documents. This normally involves the following steps:

  • Fill out the form: Once you get there, You need to ask the SASSA representative to update your contact and provide your details, old phone number, and new phone number 
  • Submit the form: Submit the form after completion and submission of documents to the SASSA officer there. 
  • Verification: SASSA will verify the information you provide and update your phone number accordingly.
  • Confirmation: You will receive confirmation via SMS or email once the change has been processed successfully.

Benefits of Current Phone Number 

Before summing up let’s have a look at the benefits of having current numbers in touch with SASSA.


Having the correct phone number on file with SASSA ensures that you receive timely updates and notifications regarding your grants, appointments, and any changes to your account.


Maintaining an accurate phone number helps to safeguard your personal information and prevents unauthorized access to your SASSA account.


By keeping your phone number current, you ensure that SASSA can reach you promptly in case of any queries or emergencies related to your benefits.


In conclusion, If you’ve recently changed your phone number and need to update it with SASSA to ensure continued receipt of grant payments and updates, rest assured that the process is straightforward. Common reasons for changing phone numbers include instances such as losing a phone, changing SIM cards, entering incorrect information during application, or originally applying with someone else’s phone number.


To change your number on SASSA, log in to your SASSA account online. Navigate to the profile or settings section, locate the option for changing your phone number, and follow the provided prompts to update your information. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest SASSA office and request assistance with updating your contact details.

To find your SASSA application number, check your application confirmation SMS or email for the assigned reference or application number. If you applied in person, visit the nearest SASSA office with your identification documents to obtain your application number. You can also contact the SASSA helpline for assistance in retrieving your application number.

The phone number for the SRD (Social Relief of Distress) grant can be found on the official SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) website. Alternatively, you can contact the SASSA helpline at [insert helpline number] for assistance and specific information related to the SRD grant. Ensure to check the official sources for accurate and up-to-date contact details.

To change your bank details for your SASSA R350 grant, visit the official SASSA website and log in to your account. Navigate to the banking details section, update the necessary information, and save the changes. Alternatively, visit a local SASSA office for assistance with updating your bank details in person.

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