SASSA Care Dependency Grant: Criteria and How to Apply

As we know Disability leads to anxiety and depression in healthy persons but if we are talking about disabilities in children, it may have serious impacts on children’s life. The government of South Africa launched a special grant named the SASSA Care Dependency Grant to support those families that have disabled children.

SASSA Care Dependency Grant

What is the Sassa Care dependency Grant? Sassa Care dependency grant is specially designed to fulfill the needs of those children who are disabled and can not live like other normal children. The parents of those children are eligible to get such sort of grants and can fulfill their children’s basic needs. So the question is how can parents apply for the care dependency Grant? Which documents are required before the submission of a grant application? How much time is required to get approval? If your grant application is rejected then what should you need to do?

What are the Requirements to Apply for a Care Dependency Grant?

The government of South Africa launched a special agency named the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), offering many types of Sassa SRD Grants for disabled persons and those who cannot do the job. There are various verification processes through which the Sassa team selects the applicants and approves loans. So in case if you are thinking of getting a Care dependency grant then you must check the eligibility criteria these grants are also called Sassa Caregiver grants for adults. If you think you are eligible then start the application process otherwise not waste your time.

What are the Requirements to Apply for a Care Dependency Grant

So, the requirements to apply for care dependency loans are as given below:

  • The applicant should be a parent, foster parent, or primary caregiver
  • You must be a permanent citizen of South Africa: Permanent resident or you are a refugee
  • Both the parent and children lived in South Africa 
  • The sassa child grant is for a child whose age is below 18 years
  • The Sassa team demands a medical report confirming that the child is disabled and needs proper care.
  •  The children or parents are not already engaged with any Government-linked organization like the children or caregivers already have funds from any organization that collects funds for disabled persons. If you are involved in such activity you are considered to be ineligible 

Which Documents do you need to arrange before applying for the Sassa Care dependency grant?

There are several documents you need to arrange before proceeding with an application. So let’s understand which documents are essential and without those, you can not proceed with the Care dependency grant for adults application.

Which Documents do you need to arrange before applying for the Sassa Care dependency grant

Identity Documents 

You need to arrange identity documents for both of you like if you are a father then you need to provide identity documents for you with your wife as well.

Birth Certificate 

The next document is crucial, you need to arrange a copy of the birth certificate of the disabled child so you can apply easily

Affidavit Form

Sometimes parents don’t have any identity documents or the documents were misplaced so what should parents need to do? Parents can collect the affidavit form correctly and after rechecking use this affidavit document for application proceeding purposes. Now the question is from where you can get the affidavit form? You can collect the affidavit form from the Sassa Office near your house or you can download it from below button.

Spousal Relationship Status

The applicants should arrange proof of spousal relationship status. There are a few documents you need to arrange:

  • An affidavit or sworn statement: Complete an affidavit form in front of a Commissioner of Oaths, not a Sassa Official person. Arrange a Sworn Statement attested by an authority-holding person who can verify your age and name.
  • Marriage Certificate: The applicants should arrange a marriage certificate from the marriage officer.
  • Spouse Deceased: If the spouse is deceased then arrange the Spouse’s Death Certificate 
  • Divorce order: Arrange a document from the Department of Home Affairs if your spouse leaves you.

Bank Statements

An affidavit or sworn statement can provide all income streams of guardians so after checking the income stream the Sassa team decides whether you are eligible to get Sassa Loans or not. The bank statement should be for the last three months, pension slips, or any other income stream evidence.

Medical Records

Proof of disability is also one of the major documents required for the Care dependency grant application submission process. In medical reports or records, the healthcare providers mention the disability and also recommend the proper care of the disabled children.

After arranging all these documents you can move to the next step. As per my experience if you have arranged all these documents then the chances of getting loan approval are high

Where do you apply for the Sassa Care Dependency Grant?

As per my research, the best method is to visit the nearest Sassa Office branch and submit your application at the Sassa Office. The online method for applying care dependency grant is not applicable for now but the online method launched soon 

How do you Apply for a Care Dependency Grant?

The application process for a care dependency grant or child disability grant is simple and easy to proceed. So let’s start the process

For Sick, Old, and Disabled Persons

If you are sick, old disabled persons, and not able to visit the Sassa Office then you can send your relative to the Sassa Office on your behalf. Your relative can proceed with the application if you are not able.

Discuss with Sassa Officer

After visiting the Sassa Office you need to discuss the Sassa Officer and share all the details with the officer. After sharing the details Sassa Officer gave some comments about your documents 

Application Form

After sharing the information with the Sassa Officer, he can assist you in filling out the application form and make sure after adding the details cross check it. During the cross-checking process, you can trace any mistake and save your application from being in pending status due to your mistakes.

Fingerprints Verification

The Sassa team can take your fingerprints and refer your fingerprints to the Department of Home Affairs for a valid ID.

Collect Stamped Receipt

After cross-checking the application form, please submit it and receive a stamped receipt from the Sassa officer who received your application. Remember this is only the proof you have in your hand.

Appeal to MSD

If you receive any unsatisfactory response from the Sassa team, then you have a complete right to send an appeal to the Ministry of Social Development and discuss your issue in detail. After sending the appeal your application rechecked again and then the result will be shared 

What is the Date of the Grant if your application has been approved?

If your grant has been approved normally the period for approving any grant is up to 3 months. So if your grant has been approved then you will be paid from the date on which you applied.

How can you receive your Care Dependency Grant Amount?

The  applicants get approval from Sassa Grants,  then they can receive the loan amount by following the ways 

  • You can collect loan amount at pay points 
  • Can collect Grant amount from Post Bank
  • Can collect from linked institutions 

Same as above if you are unable to collect Sassa Grant for a child then you can send any one of your friends on your behalf. So he can collect after verification 

Why my Care Dependency Grant has been Suspended?

There are a lot of reasons why the application can be rejected. So among those, a few are mentioned below 

Why my Care Dependency Grant has been Suspended?

Changes in conditions

Sometimes during the process of application submission, the person’s financial and medical conditions fulfill the eligibility criteria but after a certain time, few changes were detected. Due to unexpected changes, the grant can be suspended

False or Wrong Information

In case the applicant added the wrong information then it may lead to the rejection of your Sassaa Grant so always try to cross-check your information before submitting it 

Mistakenly Approved

If the grant mistakenly has been approved then it will be suspended as the system detects it.

In general, these are the basic things that will lead to the suspension of your grant. 

Why your Grant has been lapse?

The Grant has been lapsed due to several reasons:

  • The child was admitted to the state base institution  (Funds delivered by the state)
  • The child is not present in the country 
  • Child age cross 18 years 
  • The beneficiary or caretaker did not claim the grant for three consecutive months 
  • Child passed away

How much cost is required to apply for a dependency grant? 

The Sassa program is designed to fulfill the needs of those people who are unable to manage the basic expenses of their lives. So if a person looking to apply for a dependency grant then no service charges are available. The application form is free, you need to arrange the documents and submit them.

What is the Amount Rafter Approval of the Sassa Care Dependency Grant?

As per the last information received from Sassa, the Sassa Care dependency gran or disability grant amount is R2090. If you have approved the grant then you can receive the amount. So always try to apply proper research so you can get your results quickly.

Contact the Sassa Care dependency Grant team

If you have further queries and want to contact the Sassa team related to the care dependency grant then the details are given below 

SASSA Toll Free: 0800 60 10 11

Email: [email protected]

Explore a list of SASSA offices across the country: SASSA offices near you


The Care Dependency Grant offered by South Africa’s SASSA is a lifeline for families with disabled children, providing financial support to cover basic needs. Eligibility requires applicants to be South African citizens with children under 18 and documented disabilities. The application process entails gathering necessary documents and submitting them to a SASSA Office branch, with online options forthcoming. Approved grants are typically disbursed within three months. Grants may be suspended or lapsed due to changes in circumstances or errors. There are no application fees. For inquiries, individuals can contact SASSA via a toll-free number or email. Overall, the Care Dependency Grant is a crucial resource for families caring for disabled children, ensuring their welfare and access to essential support.


The caretakers of disabled children are eligible to apply for a Care dependency grant. Although there are some eligibility criteria like bank statements, affidavits, and medical records after fulfilling these criteria the applicant can apply and age also plays an important role.

After October 1, 2023, the old age grant price increased from R 2080 to R2090. So as per the new amount, the applicant can get the 2090 amount after approval in 2024

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