SASSA Appeal: Checking Your SASSA SRD Grant Appeal Status

The SASSA organization was established in 2005 to provide assistance and welfare to South Africans experiencing hardships and financial difficulties. The South African government created this agency to eliminate corrupt practices and centralize the distress support distribution. The subsidy provided by the SASSA is a huge help to people who are struggling and unable to pay their financial obligations. According to their needs, over 45% of South Africans will get social grants from SRD SASSA in 2022. Numerous grants, including those for children, students, the elderly, and others, may be awarded by the SASSA department.

SASSA Appeal

You may be among those who have encountered numerous difficulties with the SASSA appeal, particularly about the R350 grant. To alleviate your mind and prepare you for any future processing that may be required, I would like to advise you to fully comprehend all aspects of the SASSA appeal.

What does the SASSA appeal mean?

The agency denied the recipient’s grant application for a variety of reasons. SASSA encouraged recipients who were unhappy with their rejected outcomes to bring forward an appeal. The appeal must be submitted within 30 days of receiving the rejection notice for it to be deemed genuine. Additionally, the appeal’s processing takes thirty days to complete.

Why is it crucial to see the basis for a SASSA application rejection before Sassa Appeal

Understanding why your last grant application was denied is necessary before moving forward with the appeals process. Although you must use caution when using it, this can assist you in avoiding repeating your blunders in the appealing form.

To increase your chances of being approved, you must think about a few things before filing an appeal. They are listed in the following order

  • Enough details: Make sure the personal information you supply is correct and comprehensive. Apart from that, your application was turned down.
  • Alternative Source of Income: If you have another source of income and your grant application was denied, make sure you have no other sources of income before filing an appeal.
  • Current SASSA grant: You won’t get more than one grant. Verify that there are no grants associated with your name.
  • ID verification issues: To steer clear of any inconvenience, make sure to verify all of your personal information, including your full name, surname, and ID number.
  • Employment and Income Tax Contributions: Income tax and employment income may affect eligibility and lead to form rejection. Make sure you meet the exact eligibility requirements.
  • Age Criteria: To be eligible for an SRD grant, you must meet specific age requirements.

How do I appeal for SASSA?

After checking the Sassa Srd grant status, if the status shows to be declined then you need to understand the Sassa Appeal. To accomplish this, follow the simple and quick steps outlined below

How do I appeal for SASSA

1. Visit the SASSA’s website

First, go to the SASSA official website and navigate to the green section labeled lodge SASSA appeal or SASSA appeal status check.

2. Enter your details here

Provide all of the correct personal information (Full name and ID number) that you used in the prior application process.

3. Request the pin and input it here

You get a pin on the registered phone number you provided. To continue, you must enter that pin in the designated column.

4. Required Documents 

All of the documents that are requested to be attached to the form must be present, per the standards.

5. Give justification for the appeal

You must specify the reason for your dissatisfaction with the outcome on the appeal form. You bring up the possibility of technical glitches, erroneous or partial information, and shifts in the situation.

6. Submission 

Please send your appeal form to the SASSA’s official website after completing all the form’s fields and attaching whatever documentation is required.

7. Await response 

You must wait a length of time, between thirty and ninety days, for your appeal to be reviewed after submitting it. Having correspondence or any evidence of submitting your appeal is essential at this point.

8. Check the status 

You can contact the SASSA agency in person or over the phone using the reference number you supplied on the appeal form to easily track your procedure if you don’t receive a response within the anticipated time frame.


After monitoring the status of your form, you will eventually learn if your appeal was granted or denied once more. If you are approved, you could get your grant money every month, according to your plan.

Note: You can speak with a legal assistant if your appeal was denied and you still feel that the action is unfair. What I believe is that this was your last-ditch attempt to get your grant reconsidered.

How much time does the SASSA appeal procedure take?

The length of the appeals process ranges from 30 to 90 days. Within 30 days following the refusal, you have to submit an appeal. Once the appeal procedure wraps up successfully, you will get your money every month following your plan.

How do I find out the status of my appeal?

You can use one of the several designated methods to check the appeal Sassa status.

How do I find out the status of my appeal

Sassa web portal

You can select the option to “check SASSA appeal status” by going to the SASSA website. Enter submit after submitting all of your data to see the status of your appeal.

Contact the helpline 

You can speak with a consultant about the progress of your appeal by calling the SASSA helpline. Prepare to provide information about yourself to receive updates.

Visit the SASSA office in person 

You can also speak with agency representatives by going to the SASSA office in your area. Make sure you have all the necessary documents and private information with you.

Send an Email 

To receive updates on your appeal, you can also send an email to the SASSA’s agency. Make sure the email contains all the information that is required.

What to do if my Sassa appeal is declined?

If your appeal has declined, then what will be the next step? It is disappointing for the applicant, he can not do anything after rejection. The only way is to contact the High Court for a judicial review. This option is only eligible for those who have a strong belief and evidence that proves the applicants are eligible and the rejection faced by an error.

What are the SRD Appeal Declined Reasons?

There are various reasons due to which the Sassa team can decline the applicant’s appeal. What are those reasons? So let’s understand the reasons

SRD Appeal Declined Reasons
  • Uif Registered: If the applicants can get funds from Unemployment Insurance funds (UIF) it may lead to the rejection of sassa appeal. The Sassa team detects all things like the previous history of your finances any proof of income that can be seen on your statement may lead to rejection of your appeal.
  • Age limit: If the applicant’s age crosses the age of 60 then it may lead to rejection of the appeal. Normally sassa allows applicants to apply for loans if they are between 18 to 60 years old. So as the age crosses 60 the applicant is automatically ineligible to get a Sassa grant 
  • Nsfas Registered: Sometimes in the reconsideration period the applicants receive funds from the National Studnet Financial Aid scheme, this indicates they have another source of income so ineligible to get Sassa funds and hence appeal has been rejected 
  • DHA Records: If the applicants did not have sufficient records in Dha during the reconsideration period, then it means the applicants are ineligible and the appeal has been rejected 
  • Another Source of Income: If any person can receive an amount of R635 in their bank account in reconsideration time, it indicates you are ineligible and Sassa’s appeal can be rejected.
  • Existing Sassa Grant: If the applicants are already enrolled in another Sassa grant program, then such sort of persons are ineligible and the appeal can be rejected

Contact Details for Sassa SRD Grant Appeal Queries 

In case of Sassa appeal rejection queries, the applicant can contact the Sassa official team and get the answers easily. Now understand how can you contact the Sassa team. Here are several methods.

Contact Details for Sassa SRD Grant Appeal Queries 

Toll-Free Number: 012 312 7727

Email [email protected]

Fax: 086 534 3124 or 086 216 371

Postal Address Private Bag x 901, Pretoria, 0001


In conclusion, the SASSA appeal process is a crucial avenue for individuals facing financial hardships in South Africa. This article provides a comprehensive guide to navigating the appeals procedure, emphasizing the importance of understanding rejection reasons and eligibility criteria. By empowering applicants with knowledge of the steps involved, including tracking appeal status and seeking a judicial review if necessary, this resource aims to facilitate a smoother and more transparent experience for those seeking assistance from SASSA.


There are several ways you can find out how your appeal is progressing. All you might have to do to check the updates is enter your personal information.

You receive the pending update because the organization is still reviewing your appeal to determine your eligibility, which entails a thorough procedure that involves numerous checks and verifications. 90 days is their frame time.

Sending an email to [email protected] or a WhatsApp message to 0600 123 456 with SASSA selected are among the applicable measures.

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