SASSA Fraud Alerts: A Guide to Report SASSA Scams in 2024

With the advancement of technology, no doubt there are many advantages but some unauthorized people use your Sassa information to fulfill their unethical desires. At the beginning of 2023, GroungUp and Social Advocacy groups faced an alarming situation regarding SASSA Frauds. As per the latest Sassa grant news about Sassa grants frauds, the scammers use different ways to hunt and steal Sassa payments.


Do you know about Sassa Fraudsters? These fraudsters are scammers who are involved in degrading or involved in stolen of Sassa grant recipients. Have you been the victim of any SASSA fraud? Or are you receiving unknown calls asking for your personal Information? If yes, then you need to report SASSA team immediately. This will help SASSA to recognize the scammers and take legal action to prevent the Sassa fraud activities. Let’s discuss further details about how scammers can get your information and also about how to report and secure yourself from such scams.

What is SASSA and Its Services

SASSA is a South African Social Security Agency. It is a government agency established to deal with social grants and support services. The government provides financial support to the people facing difficulties in managing their life needs. SASSA was established in 2005 as a substitute for social development. In the beginning, they assisted only a few grants for social welfare, but with time they launched many social welfare grants for people who can not earn. Let’s discuss the grant services provided by SASSA.

  • Social Grants: These grants are for social welfare. It includes old age grants, child support grants, both foster and support grants, and disability grants. These are for those people who can not earn due to age and health disorders.
  • Income Support: This involves low-income support. Social Relief Distress (SRD R350) grant is for unemployed or low-income people, to provide them with a better life. This grant was introduced in the pandemic of covid-19.   
  • Relief Measures: These grants are provided in times of crisis or natural disasters. These grants are supported as Grant-in-Aid. These are for emergencies that provide food parcels, health medications, and temporary living. 
  • Support Services: Additionally, to the relief and social grants SASSA offers basic healthcare, Access to education, and a focus on skills development to support persons.

Stealing Methods for SASSA Frauds

Before moving to report SASSA frauds, we need to know how the scammers get access and steal our private information easily. They use a lot of tricks to gain the trust of SASSA grant holders and then steal all their information and grant payments.

Stealing Methods for SASSA Frauds

Random Phone Calls

You may receive phone calls pretending to be SASSA officers. They may ask for your verification details including your personal information or issues addressed with SASSA grants. They use very smart ways and make stories to fish out your personal information and PIN as well. 

Safety  Measurements: If you receive any phone calls asking for your SASSA private details like ID, PIN, and payment amount. Never provide them with any information and immediately report the Sassa Social Grant team

SMS and Emails (Scam Notification alert)

You may receive SMS or Emails pretending to be SASSA. They may include making excuses about SASSA grant ‘re-verification’ and updating the application process for continuing to receive grant payments. They can ask for an immediate process to trick you into sharing sensitive or important details. Your grant will be at risk if you mistakenly provide them with any details. 

Safety Checks: If you receive any message or Email regarding any update purpose asking for your SASSA private details like ID, PIN, and payment amount. Never provide them with any information and immediately report the SASSA team. As per my understanding always check the latest news on the sassa grant and Sassa problems so you can save yourself from any unwanted activities

Website Frauds 

Scammers also use this method to trick the simple or layman person by creating fake websites similar to the SASSA Official website. They can send you a link to their website with the message “Congratulations! You have received your grant payments. Login to your account to access your payments.” If you click the link and enter your login details, they will get access to your account. You can face losing your account and payments as well.

Safety Measurements: If you receive any message or links like this, Never click on them. Or if you did by mistake, don’t enter your login details. Contact SASSA  immediately and provide them with the link and source you get notification.

Loan Offer Scams

Scammers may use another way to trick you by giving you loan offers with low amounts of interest for a reasonable period pretending to be from SASSA. They may ask for your SASSA card info for insurance. After providing the card info, they can either withdraw your grant payments completely or they can make you pay a lot every month. 

Safety Measurements: SASSA does not officially have any announcement regarding SASSA loans. They never intended to give loan offers by calling or any other method. A few loan companies affiliated with SASSA offer loans only to the SASSA grant holders. If you receive any call offering SASSA loans, report SASSA immediately.

Offers to Help You Apply for Sassa Grants

These scammers normally target WhatsApp users by sending them messages, where they offer help in the application process for your grant. They can provide some proof to make you believe in them. Their purpose is to steal your grant payments using your information. After getting your information they can make excuses about your grant not being approved or something like that.

Safety Measurements: Never provide any of your information to an unknown person for any purpose. You need to report SASSA about these Sassa WhatsApp scammers. Applying for SASSA grants is very simple and easy. You can visit our website to learn the step-by-step procedure of SASSA 350 grant applications.   

ATM or SASSA Paypoint Scams

For offline stealing, Screamers may steal your information by offering you help in withdrawing money from ATM points or SASSA other Paypoints, or they may observe you get your PIN and they will distract you to steal your card. Some can offer you a new similar SASSA card to steal your Sassa grant payments. 

Safety Measurements: Enter your information carefully, never accept the help of strangers. If you notice any illegal activity, report SASSA immediately. 

Impersonation Frauds

Sometimes, scammers pretend to be from SASSA and ask you to meet them in person or ask you to give them information over the phone. Don’t trust them. Always verify that they’re really from SASSA.

How to Report SASSA Frauds

If you have been the victim of SASSA Fraud or someone else has applied for your SASSA grant and also receiving your grant payments. If you notice any sudden changes in your SASSA grant payments. You must immediately contact SASSA to block scammers’ access. Let’s discuss the steps to report SASSA Fraud.

How to Report SASSA Frauds

Step 1: Report SASSA Fraud By Calling SASSA Helpline

You can immediately call the SASSA helpline number to report SASSA Fraud. Their Toll-Free is 0800 60 10 11. After connecting the call you need to explain to the representative about fraud you’ve been the victim of. They will ask you about your identity verification. Once your verification is completed they will block your account and guide you about the further steps needed to restore your Sassa grant access.

Step 2: Report SASSA Fraud at SASSA Office

If You feel uncomfortable with the calling procedure you can visit your nearest SASSA office. To report about the scam you’ve been suffering from. They will need to verify if you are the authorized grant holder. So, don’t forget to bring your identity documents. It includes your ID number, current phone number, grant application receipt, etc. Once the verification is completed they will block your account and guide you about the further steps needed to restore your grant access.

Step 3: Report SASSA Fraud at the Post Office

After reporting the common frauds to SASSA, also check if your SASSA card or bank details are secure. If not, then you need to report the scam to the Post Office too. You will need the following documents: 

  • A complete SASSA fraud certificate
  • Certified copies of your ID card and your SASSA card (both sides).

After collecting these personal documents you can either submit them to the post office or can send them using their Email address at [email protected]. Once the report is submitted, postbant authorities will block your account and guide you about the further steps needed to secure your grant payments.

Step 4: Report SASSA Fraud at the South African Police Services (SAPS)

In a few cases, reporting to SASSA or the post office is good to go. But in case you face any big scam, you need to report it to the South African Police Station for further action. They will investigate the scammers and take legal action. You need to visit your nearest police station to file a report.

Step 5: Report SASSA Fraud to the National Anti-Corruption Hotline

Lastly, I suggest to contact the National Anti-Corruption Hotline at 0800 701 701 to report SASSA fraud. This hotline deals with corruption and fraud complaints and is managed by the Public Service Commission. If the above methods do not seem to be helpful you can consider this method.

You need to provide detailed information about the incident. It may include the time, date, and people involved in that incident. If you have any evidence, provide it, it will make your complaint even stronger. Only use the official SASSA contact details or channels. Never share your sensitive information with any unauthorized person or website. 

Common Ways to Avoid SASSA Frauds 

Lastly, let’s discuss ways to get rid of SASSA fraud.

  • Stay Updated: Keep informed about the latest scams and fraud tricks. Watch for the latest Sassa news and Sassa updates from SASSA through official channels.
  • Trust Official Communication: Only respond to messages from SASSA that come through official channels. Be careful of unexpected calls or messages asking for personal info.
  • Guard Your Info: Don’t share your ID number, PIN, or other personal details unless you contact SASSA yourself through official channels.
  • Keep Documents Safe: Keep your ID card and grant papers in a safe place. If they’re lost or stolen, report it to the SASSA team and the police right away.
  • Watch Out for Offers: Be wary of unexpected offers, especially those promising extra benefits. Check with SASSA to verify any offers and always update yourself with current Sassa News.
  • Check Your Statements: Regularly check your SASSA account for anything suspicious. Report anything right away.
  • Use Official Channels: Contact SASSA through their official phone numbers or offices. Avoid unofficial websites or numbers.
  • Educate Yourself and Others: Learn about common fraud tricks and teach your family and friends to recognize them too.
  • Keep Contact Info Updated: Make sure SASSA has your correct contact details to reach you directly and prevent scams using old info. If you want to update Sassa’s contact details then do it on a priority basis.
  • Report Suspicious Activity: If you suspect fraud, report it to SASSA immediately. Quick reporting helps stop further damage and protects others.

By staying alert, safeguarding your info, and knowing about potential scams, you can lower the risk of future SASSA fraud.


Protecting your SRD R350 grant from SASSA fraud is important. We’ve covered common scams, like fake messages and people pretending to be from SASSA. If you’re scammed, report it to SASSA, the Post Office, and the police right away. To prevent future scams, stay informed, keep your info safe, and use official channels for communication. Following these tips will help keep your grant safe and protect others too. Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity promptly for a safer grant experience.


SASSA fraud refers to any illegal activity involving the South African Social Security Agency, such as identity theft, false claims for benefits, or misuse of social grant funds.

SASSA fraud can occur through various means, including identity theft, false documentation, collusion between individuals and agency staff, or exploitation of vulnerabilities in the system.

The victims of SASSA fraud are primarily the taxpayers and the intended beneficiaries of social grants. Fraudulent activities can lead to funds being diverted away from those in genuine need.

To protect yourself from SASSA fraud, safeguard your personal information, such as your ID number and banking details. Be cautious of sharing this information with anyone, especially over the phone or online.

SASSA may not have paid due to various reasons such as incomplete documentation, eligibility issues, or delays in processing. It’s important to contact SASSA directly for specific inquiries regarding payment.

SASSA is responsible for administering social assistance programs, distributing social grants, and managing the registration of grant recipients. They also ensure compliance with program regulations and provide support services to vulnerable individuals.

Yes, SASSA can reverse money in certain circumstances, such as overpayments or erroneous payments. If an error is detected in the distribution of social grants, SASSA may reverse the transaction and reclaim the funds to correct the mistake.

To complain about the SASSA grant, contact them via their toll-free helpline at 0800 60 10 11, visit a local SASSA office, or submit a complaint online through their official website. Provide detailed information and any relevant documentation to support your complaint for prompt resolution.

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