SASSA WhatsApp Number: Unlocking SASSA R350 Grants

The Government of South Africa pays specific attention to the citizens in hard times and always looks to ease their lives. Among the SASSA Whatsapp for R350 grant is the model that enables the applicants to fulfill their financial needs without wasting time. Normally the applicant asks what is sassa Whatsapp Number? How can we apply for the Sassa R350 Grant? Among these questions, there are a lot of queries people always looking to know about these queries in detail.

Sassa whatsapp number

If you have questions about SASSA then this blog is for you. We will cover all the points that will be fruitful for you and also help you to apply and save your application from any sort of rejection.

Understanding the SASSA WhatsApp Line for R350 Grants

The South African Social Security Agency launched a specific feature for the applicants of R350 grants, by using WhatsApp numbers one from any place can proceed with the application process. This method is convenient effective and easy to understand for all people whether they are educated or not.

 By using this system any applicant has complete access to communicate directly and instantly, which also increases the interactivity and easily checks all the things. Now understand what is saasa WhatsApp number and how it works.

Sasaa Whatsapp number

The WhatsApp number assigned by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) was 0820468553. By using this number any citizen of South Africa can apply for SASSA SRD 350 grant and also apply for other financial grants.

SASSA WhatsApp Number: 0820468553

By using this number, the applicant can not only apply for the SASSA SRD grant but also Check the SASSA status as well.

Use the following contact details if you want to contact SASSA

NameTypeContact Details
SASSA Support CenterToll-free Number0800 60 10 11
Grant Enquires OfficeEmail & Link[email protected]
Kenneth Baloyi (Sassa’s Contact Center Manager)Number & Email079 308 1033 & [email protected]
Independent Appeals TribunalNumber & Email012 312 7727 & [email protected]
Social Media ChannelTwitter
Social Media ChannelFacebook

Application Process for SASSA R350 Grant via WhatsApp

The application process for the SASSA R350 Grant is as easy as you think. First, you have to check the eligibility criteria and see if anything does not match then do not apply for application.

Eligibility Criteria

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind  when you are applying for this grant:

Before applying please consider the above points and then move on to the application process by using Sassa Whatsapp Number.

Documents required

The good news is there are no specific need of documents required for SASSA R350 grant application so if a person has an ID card number and a phone then they can start the application process.

Application process

The application process for the SASSA grant is so simple. You need to follow a few steps and then you can apply for SASSA loans easily. Before the application process please save the Sassa WhatsApp number on your mobile so you can start the process

  1. Open the Whatsapp app and search for the SASSA contact number that you saved.
  2. Now Open a chat with SASSA.
  3. Simply type “SASSA” in chat and send the message
  4. Now the application process is started
  5. After sending the message you will receive a prompt.
  6. Now type “SRD R356 Application” on the prompt and send it
  7. Now provide the details he is asking like your id number phone number etc.
  8. After adding all the information submit them.
  9. Your application is now complete

The application process takes 3-4 minutes only, which enables any person to apply from any place within minutes. After submission of application here are different questions I have in my mind. How can I check the SASSA R350 Grant Status?

Checking Application Status on SASSA WhatsApp

After sending the application, most people are worried about the status of the application. I am going to tell you an easy way by following this you are eligible to check the status within in a few minutes. Normally the status is of three types

  • Pending: Normally the status is pending means the application is in the verification process and it may take a few weeks to months
  • Approved: Approved name indicates the amount of loan that should be transferred to the bank details you have provided
  • Declined: This status represents the application has declined due to multiple reasons. I have mentioned a few things in the eligibility criteria you may read it first and then start the application process

SASSA R350 Grant is usually designed to help the tensed people so it is referred to as SRD(Social Relief Distressing). So now let’s start the process of the R350 grant status check procedure by using the WhatsApp number


  1. Start chatting with the SASSA WhatsApp number
  2. Type “SASSA” and click the send option
  3. After receiving a prompt, please type “SASSA R350 Status”
  4. Provide basic details and then click the submit button
  5. Here you can check the status of your application

SASSA SRD Grant Appeal Through WhatsApp

Sassa SRD Grant appeal is not normally proceeded by WhatsApp. But I will add some steps you need to follow by using WhatsApp. You should need to visit the original website and put all the details. Maybe for now this option is not available, but in the coming days, you can always check if the appeal option can be added.

If the application has been rejected due to any seen or unseen reason, you can reapply for SASSA Loan very easily. Let’s understand the process for appeal submission you need to submit the SASSA Appeal through the Department of Social Development (DSD) on the ITSAA ( independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals) website. After submitting the appeal you may also check or verify the status of your appeal. You can check it by following the given steps

Grant Appeal by using WhatsApp

The below is as same as the application procedure but after understanding the application procedure you can better understand the appeal procedure.

  1. Send a WhatsApp message to 0820468553
  2. As prompted by chat the applicants must add their details
  3. After adding the details, applicants receive an OTP or reference number along the website link.
  4. Applicant must click the website link and add the reference number or OTP mentioned on the site
  5. Then click on verify
  6. Now the applicant provides the ID number or surname
  7. Accept the terms and conditions
  8. Click on Agree and submit

Let’s start the appeal procedure

  1. First, visit the official site
  2. Check the details while your phone number and ID Number
  3. Click submit button
  4. The system provides you with all the details related to the R350 grant application


The SASSA WhatsApp line for R350 grants emerges as a pivotal resource in the South African government’s commitment to alleviating financial hardships. This initiative offers a straightforward and efficient platform, allowing citizens to easily navigate the application process. The dedicated WhatsApp number, 0820468553, serves as the gateway for applicants, fostering direct communication and ensuring accessibility for individuals regardless of their educational background.

For those eager to track their application status, the article provides clarity on the three possible outcomes (Pending, Approved, Declined) through the SASSA WhatsApp line. While the appeal process is briefly mentioned, directing applicants to the official Department of Social Development website, the overarching conclusion is clear: the SASSA WhatsApp line is a user-friendly and effective tool aligning with the government’s mission to provide timely financial relief to those in need. Its ongoing adaptability underscores its significance in ensuring assistance reaches those who need it most.


The WhatsApp number for SASSA is 0820468553.

You can check your results by following these steps

  1. Send a message to the SASSA WhatsApp number
  2. A popup is received you need to type “SASSA R350 Status”
  3. After this add your details and submit it

The phone number for the SASSA Application is 0800601011

The SMS number of the SASSA R350 Grant is *134*7737#.

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