SASSA War Veterans Grant 2024 – Eligibility, Application, and More

In ancient times, Nations had to face physical Wars. At that time, soldiers have to protect their countries with their lives. SASSA also introduced a specific grant as War Veterans Grant for those soldiers who served their country in the 2nd World War (1939-1945) or the Korean War (1950-1953).

War Veterans Grant

Are you a soldier? or Do you want to apply for a war veterans grant? If you don’t know the application procedure, you need not worry about it. We will guide you through the complete details of the application and let you know if you are eligible for this grant. Further, we will discuss how to produce your application.

SASSA Military War Veterans Grant

War veterans hold a noble place in society because they dedicate their lives to serving their countries. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) praised the sacrifices of these veterans and provided them support through the War Veterans Grant. This grant aims to help the veterans with their financial needs and ensure a majestic life after their services. This is like a small effort from the government in return for their privileges. Like if they get seriously injured, disabled, or get too Old and unable to do a job. 

How much do soldiers earn in South Africa? The average Salary for a soldier is R7,588 per month. The War Veterans Grant helps South African soldiers who fought for freedom. In the beginning, it gave them basic money, but now it gives more help. Over time, it changed to fit veterans’ needs better, like who can get it and how much money they get. This grant makes a big difference in the lives of veterans and their families, supporting them by giving them money to live better lives.

Eligibility Criteria to Qualify SASSA War Veterans Grant

Before proceeding with the application you need to make sure you meet the required criteria of an Eligible person. Let’s study the key factors to get a war veterans grant:


Nationality is necessary to Qualify for any SASSA grant. Applicants for the War Veterans Grant should be South African citizens or must have permanent residency there. 


Applicants for the War Veterans Grant must be living in South Africa. SASSA only offers grants to the people who currently reside in South Africa.

Age Requirement

Applicants for the War Veterans Grant must meet the age requirements, normally this grant is offered to soldiers at 60 years or older.

Proof of Military Service

Applicants are required to provide the documents that prove their military Service. It includes their service records, awards, or discharge papers.

War Participation Requirement

Applicants should have participated in the 2nd World War (1939-1945) or Korean War (1950-1953). 

Self-Independent State

Applicants should not receive any other social welfare grants. In case they receive any other grant SASSA will not qualify their grant.

Income Requirements

Single applicants must earn less than R96,840 (R8,070 per month) yearly, while married couples must have a combined income below R193,680 (R16,140 per month) yearly.

Asset Limits

Single applicants should possess assets valued at less than R1,372,800, while married couples must have combined assets not exceeding R2,745,600.

Means Testing

SASSA means testing is necessary for all applicants. You and your spouse must pass the means test if married.

SASSA Means Test for SASSA War Veterans Grant

SASSA means test evaluates the earning details as we mentioned in the eligibility criteria. Some people get confused after listening to SASSA MEANS TEST’.It calculates the monthly income, assets, property details, and bank account verification. The purpose of this means testing is that SASSA needs to verify all the documents and check their property-regarding history. According to their last updates:

Income Portfolio

  • If you are single: Your earnings must be less than R96,840 yearly.
  • If you are Married: Both combined incomes should not exceed R193,680 yearly.

Assets Portal

  • If you are single: Your assets must be valued under R1,372,800.
  • If you are Married: Both combined assets must be less than R2,745,600.

Every grant type has specific means test criteria for calculating the financial eligibility of applicants.

Documents Needed for War Veterans Grant Application

To apply for the War Veterans SASSA grant, make sure you have all the following original documents:

  • National ID card with a 13-digit barcode and phone number. In case of lost ID, SASSA accepts fingerprint verification.
  • A sworn statement from a reputable individual verifying your identity.
  • Proof of current address e.g. utility bills or rent receipts.
  • Marital status proofs like marriage certificate, divorce decree, or death certificate.
  • Proof of their military Services e.g. service records, awards, or discharge papers.
  • Medical proof regarding injuries or Disability
  • Proof of any personal income.
  • bank statements of 3 months.
  • Details of all assets and their value.
  • Evidence of unemployment (UIF or discharge certificate).

Application Process of SASSA War Veterans Grant

After collecting your documents the next step is to apply for your aimed grant. You can apply for the grant free of cost. They will not charge you any service fee. Here’s the step-by-step procedure about how to apply for a war veterans grant.

Application Process of SASSA War Veterans Grant

Step 01: Visite SASSA Office

You need to visit your nearest SASSA office to apply. Don’t forget to bring your documents. Ask the SASSA recipient for a war veterans grant application form.

Step 02: Fill the Form

After getting the application form you need to fill it out in the presence of SASSA officers. If there’s anything you can’t understand they will help you out in completing the form.

Step 03: Documents Submission

After filling out the form you need to make sure to submit all the essential documents required for application.

Step 04: Getting Receipt

Don’t forget to take the receipt with a stamped date from the SASSA officer after submitting your application.

Step 05: Interview

If you are too old or disabled and find it hard to fill out your application form yourself, then the officer will be here to help you in completing the application form. They will also take your interview and submit your documents accordingly. After taking the interview they will inform you if you qualified for the grant or not. If you qualify they will give you the receipt with the date stamped and the name of the officer who assists your application. You need to keep the receipt as proof of application.

Application Processing Duration of SASSA War Veterans Grant 

The processing time for the application of the SASSA War Veterans grant usually depends on a few factors. This includes how many applications they have, and the capability of the processing system at the SASSA office handling the applications.

Applicants can inquire about the status of their application by contacting their local SASSA office or checking online if available. SASSA may also provide estimated processing times to give applicants an idea of when they can expect a decision on their application. It normally takes about 3 months to process applications and after approval, your payments will start. If your application got rejected and you think you are eligible you need to consider reapplication for your grant.

Grant Payments Process Regarding SASSA War Veterans 

Once SASSA approves your application, you will start receiving grant payments from the date you applied. they don’t have any fixed dates regarding payments. You can get paid through these three methods:

  • Bank Account 

SASSA directly deposits your payments in your bank or postbank account. They may charge you a service fee.

  • SASSA Retail Outlets

You can withdraw your grant payments in cash from any retail outlet in partnership with SASSA such as Usave, Spar, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers, and Boxers.

  • Institutional Assistance Sources

You can also get paid From some specific institutions (e.g., old age homes, disability centers, Non-profit organizations). 

SASSA War Veterans Grant Online Application Status Check

After submitting your grant application, you will need to check your application status regularly. You can easily trace by using a status check and know the current status of your application if it is approved or declined. In case of application approval, you need to check the status of payment details frequently. You can check the status by following methods:

After you submit your grant application, it is very important to regularly check its status to get updated. The good news is that you can easily check it using a status check tool to see if it’s been approved, or declined, or what’s the current status of your application. Once your application is approved, make sure to check the status regularly to stay informed about upcoming payments. You can check the status of your SASSA war veterans grant through the following methods.

Sassa Status check

Checking your Status From (SSCBD Website)

Whatsapp icon

Through SASSA WhatsApp 082-046-8553

Moya app icon

Through the Moya APP Using Data Free Method


Through SMS To SASSA Number 082-046-8553

Call attend icon

Contacting on SASSA Toll-Free No. 0800-601011

Why was my SASSA War Veterans Grant Application Rejected?

If your SASSA war veterans grant application is not approved but you think that the decision was made wrong, you need to request the SASSA to reconsider your application. Suppose the reconsideration request is also denied and still you are not satisfied with the decision of SASSA. In that case, you have the right to appeal to the Ministry of Social Development at the National Department of Social Development. Your appeal must be submitted within 90 days from the day the application is submitted.

The Ministry of Social Development will further review your appeal to make the right decision. If they agree with you, they will reverse SASSA’s decision and you will start receiving your grant payments. If the appeal is denied then you’ll receive a written explanation of the appeal board decision.

What are the Vaterans Aid Funds?

The amount decided by the  Social Security Agency of South Africa was R1910 to R2100 per month. If the applicant fulfills all the eligibility criteria and arranges all the required documents then they can approve the Sassa grant easily.

So before proceeding with the Sassa application, you need to arrange all the supportive documents and then you can start the procedure. 

Common Causes of SASSA Application Rejection

Here are some reasons why SASSA rejects the applicant’s applications.

Common Causes of SASSA Application Rejection

Personal Verification Issues

If you enter any wrong or fake information regarding yourself that doesn’t match the records in the Department of Home Affairs.

Age Below 60 Years

Suppose your age is 59 years or below the required age. You will not be eligible for getting a war veterans grant.

Lost of Documents regarding Military

If you lost the related documents that prove your service in the military. SASSA will not qualify you for a war veterans grant. 

Alternative Income or Assets

If you are getting a reasonable monthly income and your bank balance is R624 or above this range. SASSA will not consider your application.

UIF, NSFAS Funds, or Other Social Grants

If you are receiving payments from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), or applied for other SASSA grant payment projects. SASSA will not consider your application.

Knowing the specific reason for your application rejection will help you to take the right steps for the reconsideration of your reapplication.


I hope after reviewing this guide you are familiar with all the information about the SASSA war veterans Grant and the detailed method of how to apply for it. We have also discussed the rejection of the application and its reasons. Although the service is free, it may take up to three months to verify your application. However, you will start getting the grant for war veterans from the month your application gets approval.


The War Veterans Grant helps South African soldiers who fought for freedom. At first, it gave them basic money, but now it gives more help. Over time, it changed to fit veterans’ needs better, like who can get it and how much money they get. This grant makes a big difference for veterans and their families, giving them money and support to live better lives.

The war veterans grant amount in South Africa varies depending on factors like the recipient’s needs and circumstances. On average, it provides financial assistance to help veterans cover living expenses and other essential needs. Government policies and eligibility criteria may determine the exact amount.

War veterans typically include individuals who served in the armed forces during times of conflict or war. Qualifications may vary, but those who actively participated in combat or military operations are considered war veterans. Additionally, individuals who were injured, disabled, or otherwise affected by their military service may also qualify as war veterans.

Military veteran’s grant benefits vary but commonly include access to healthcare, education assistance, housing programs, and financial support. Additionally, veterans may receive disability compensation, military veterans pensions, and employment assistance. These benefits aim to honor veterans’ service and support their well-being after leaving the military veterans pension.

The department announced the date for the first grant was on Wednesday7, 1 November, 2023.

The pension payout amount has been announced after doing complete research on the living standards of Military Veterans so the pension Payout was R4962 per month.

The average doctor’s salary in South Africa was R77200 to R227000 ZAR. The salary depends upon the experience and qualification of the doctor So the average salary exists between the above range.

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