SASSA R350 Approved but No Payments? Reasons and Solutions

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has introduced a Relief of Distress (SRD) grant of R350 to provide temporary relief to individuals facing financial hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many applicants have been approved for SRD grants, and some of them reported delays or non-receipt of grant payments. This causes frustration and concern among grant holders.

SASSA R350 Approved but No Payments

Are you still not receiving your SASSA R350 payments even after your status has been approved? Or Are you facing your grant payment delays? If your Sassa R350 is approved but no payments have been received yet then there can be multiple reasons, SASSA has any systematic errors or there are any updates required. let’s discuss all the reasons and their solutions in detail.

SASSA SRD R350    

The government of South Africa offers the SASSA Social Relief of Distress (SRD R350) grant to people who are currently unemployed. This is also known as an income support program. This grant was also a way of life for those who were facing financial hardships during the pandemic of COVID-19. They provide social help only to the eligible people who qualify for the requirements of the SRD grant. People who are living in South Africa permanently can avail this opportunity. Anyone between the ages of 18 to 59 can apply for the SASSA SRD grant. You can apply for this grant if you meet all the requirements. But recently many people have been facing some errors and delays in receiving the grant payments. If you have applied for SASSA R350 approved but no payments, then this guide is for you.

Reasons for SASSA R350 Approves But No Payments

If you have applied for the SASSA R350 grant by using the SASSA Online website. After the waiting duration is over you receive the confirmation for approval of your grant and dates of monthly payments. But there are no payments for your grant. There can be multiple reasons behind it.

Inappropriate or Pending Banking Details 

This is the most common reason for not receiving dates of payments. You must enter the wrong banking information while proceeding with the application. If you skip this section your payment status will be pending and you will not receive any payments from SASSA after approval of your SRD R350 Grant application. Sometimes failure of banking verification may also cause no payments. 

SASSA mentioned: The individuals whose approvals have been granted but whose payment has not been processed are those whose bank account details are unresolved, whose failed bank account verification, is pending verification by National Treasury, or those who have opted for cash send payments.

Account Balance Exceeds the Means Test Criteria 

Another reason for SASSA SRD R350’s no payments is that your bank account balance exceeds the limit of means test criteria. It is very important to ensure that your bank balance remains below the means test threshold. Also, you haven’t received any big amount of payments in the recent past.

SASSA makes sure to help people in need facing hardships to fulfill the basic needs of their lives like food, clothes, and residence. In case of exceeding the limitations, you will face declined application status. That can cause doubts and difficulties during the reconsideration of the SASSA grant.

Further Verification is Needed

It can also be the reason that SASSA may require some additional verification of your documents or other details, which can result in payment delays. It’s important to check your registered phone number regularly for any notifications from SASSA regarding further verification requirements. Because if they need any further information they will inform you through your registered Number linked with SASSA.

Invalid Contact Details

This reason rarely can be the reason for no payments but few applications have faced this error. Incorrect contact details can still be a valid reason for payment delays. Therefore, ensuring your contact information is consistently accurate and updated is essential.

Workload of Millions of Applications 

If your bank balance is below R624 and all your information is correct, then the delay in payment may be due to the bundle of applications SASSA receives. They also offer various grants to different factors of society, including children, orphans, old age, and Disabled people. They have to check all the details monthly and consider the new applications they receive.

Processing and verifying applications is a difficult task. For instance, the number of applicants for the SRD program alone exceeds 7 million. These applications undergo thorough verification before the grant amounts are disbursed. This process can result in delays, and in some cases, cancellations, if there is confusion in the verification process.

Glitches in the SASSA System

If you feel there is no reason from above, then there can be some technical glitches in the SASSA system. These types of errors will automatically be fixed after a few hours. You need to wait with patience during this time. Once they are fixed you will receive the notification regarding your payments.

Solutions for SASSA R350 Approves But No Payments

Once you know the reason behind payment delays you can easily fix them. Let’s discuss the solution to these problems causing delays.

Solutions for SASSA R350 Approves But No Payments

Modify or Refresh Banking Details

To address any payment date concerns, it’s crucial to verify your bank account details. Please follow these steps:

  • Log in to the SASSA account services section by using the given link
  • Look for the banking details section.
  • If you haven’t submitted your banking details yet, kindly add them and choose “Bank” as your payment method.
  • If your bank information is already written, double-check the details. Correct any inaccuracies in the account number.
  • Save the updated bank details.

If any errors exist in your banking information, updating it will resolve the payment date issue. This may take up to 7 days for the changes to take effect. Afterward, check your status and payment dates to ensure the issue is resolved or not.

Remember: The bank account must be registered under your name, SASSA can’t pay your grant payment to anyone else’s bank account.

Double-Check Your Contact Information

Suppose you have intended to check or update your contact details for a short time. This can cause no translation issues. You need to check and correct your contact details frequently. SASSA sends notifications to all the applicants to make them aware of changes and updates they announce. But due to the wrong or changed contact details you may not receive the notification and now facing no payments issue.

You need to log in to your account and double-check the contact details. If there are any wrong details entered, correct them accordingly. After completing contact details, you need to wait 7 days for confirmation. If an update is required, you will soon receive your payments. 

Bank Account Doesn’t Exceed the Amount Limit

If your banking and contact details are correct then, one of the main reasons behind the delay or not receiving payments is exceeding the limit of your bank balance. If you recently received any greater amount of money from somewhere, SASSA will decline your grant payments.

These transactions are due to increase your income, you will not receive the grant payments. But if there’s another reason behind these transactions, you need to contact SASSA and tell them the real reason behind these payments. If your reason is logical and makes sense, then SASSA will resolve the issue and you will start receiving your grant payments again. 

Contact SASSA for the Exact Reason Identification

If you check all the three solutions above but find them correct. And you are still facing payment delays. It may be due to a lack of staff and a high workload at SASSA. If this is the case, they will require additional time to proceed with applications and payments.

If you want to know the exact reason for payments you need to contact SASSA through:

  • SASSA helpline Contact Number at 08000 60 10 11. A SASSA representative will ask you about your identity and the details required for authorized verification. After completing verification they’ll inform you about the specific reason for the delay and provide information on when you can expect your next payment.
  • If you feel uncomfortable making a phone call you can also visit your nearest SASSA office and ask them about the reason behind no payments. You need to bring your identity documents like your ID card, phone number, and grant confirmation receipt.
  • You can also use their WhatsApp number 082 046 8553 for online contact to know the reason.
  • You can also write an Email using [email protected] and ask them the reason for the delay.

Can I collect my R350 without a pay date?

No, you cannot collect your R350 without a pay date. The pay date indicates when the funds will be available for collection. If you do not have a pay date, you may need to contact SASSA to resolve the issue.


While the SASSA R350 grant provides essential support to citizens in need, delays in payments can create additional challenges. By understanding the reasons for SASSA R350 Approved but No Payments and taking proactive steps, grant holders can navigate the process more effectively. The government’s efforts to address payment delays through system upgrades and collaboration with banks are promising steps toward improving the efficiency of the payment system. 


Your SRD status check approved but no payment date has been received. The delay may be due to various reasons such as processing delays, incomplete documentation, or technical issues. Contact SASSA for assistance and ensure all requirements are met for successful payment processing.

To find your R350 payment date, log in to your SASSA account online or contact the SASSA helpline. Alternatively, check your registered email or SMS notifications for payment updates and schedules.

After approval, the R350 grant typically takes around 7 to 10 working days to be processed and deposited into your bank account. However, processing times may vary depending on factors such as verification procedures and workload.

Your SASSA application may be approved without receiving an SMS due to technical glitches or delays in SMS delivery. Check your application status online or contact SASSA directly for confirmation. Ensure your contact details are updated to receive future notifications.

If your SASSA status shows approved but lacks a payment date, take these steps: 

1. Verify your banking details are correct. 

2. Ensure your bank balance is within the means test criteria. 

3. If details are accurate, contact SASSA via helpline or visit their office for assistance.

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