Sassa Means Test: Eligibility, Threshold for Sassa Grants 2024

In South Africa, individuals often seek SASSA loans to meet their basic needs. The government has established specific criteria to determine eligibility for SASSA grants. This program ensures that only deserving individuals qualify for SASSA loans, approved by the SASSA team after thorough verification. 

Sassa Means Test

The test, known as the SASSA means test, assesses the financial status of applicants, including income, assets, and cash transactions. The SASSA team verifies all financial documents to confirm eligibility. If an applicant’s assets are not accurately reflected in their financial records, their application may be rejected.

What does the Sassa Means Test?

Sassa means test criteria are different for each type of grant case you are applying for disability grants, older persons grants then the grant amount always depends upon the private amount of income you showed to the Sassa team. If you have a more private amount it means you can receive a low grant amount.

People ask what is the meaning of Sassa. The meaning of Sassa is South African Social Security Agency aims to help needy people. Sassa’s finance team checks all the possible facts like the details of your basic expenses and the income you received like if you have received an amount of R500 and your expenses amount was R800 then this indicates you are facing a deficit of R300. The finance team always tries to proceed with all things in a very precise and accurate way.

1. Determining Eligibility

The Sassa means test enables the applicants to qualify for the Sassa loan if they are fulfilling all the criteria designed for the Sassa mean test. So let’s discuss the eligibility criteria for those who are going to apply for Sassa Grants:

  • Assets Analysis: Sometimes the applicant has some sort of assets that have not been shown in the finance history of the applicant submitted by the applicant. So Sassa means test evaluate your properties and assets so the right people get only enrolled for Sassa Grants.
  • Transaction details: If you are eligible and do not have a strong transaction history from the last few months. If the transaction history is good and crosses the minimum amount assigned by the Sassa team against each Grant like if you are applying for a child support grant then the Sassa team decides a specific amount criteria, the person who has planned to apply for a Child Support grant do not cross the income amount assigned by Sassa team.

This plays an important role in the eligibility criteria for the applicants so always check the eligibility criteria documents demanded from Sassa before starting the Sassa loan application process

2. Periodically Eligibility 

The Sassa team verified all the details shared by the borrowing person at the end of each month. If any unusual transactions are detected then the Sassa team marks the application as a red flag and the loan amounts have been paused. Sassa’s team opened the case with the borrowing person and demanded some sort of further documents to verify the eligibility of the borrowing person. So let’s understand which things can affect your Sassa status 

  • Unusual Transaction Activity: If a person receives any amount from an unknown source and does not verify it to the Sass application team. Then the Sassa team considers this amount as your income or profit amount that may lead to the cancelation of your Sassa Grant.
  • Periods Base Evaluation: If a person is facing some sort of updation in his or her daily routine and did not update the Sassa team related to the daily routine. Maybe he has received any property-based documents from the parents or any other source and is planning to receive the Sassa grant amount. If the Sassa team traces any activity then it may lead to the rejection of your Sassa Grant and your status will be cancelled.

So please keep in mind this program is designed to fulfill the needs of needy and deserving people only. If someone has an intention to misuse the Sassa amounts then the Sassa team always takes action against such persons. 

Detect the Wrong People 

Sassa loans aim to support and trace only needy persons and provide the Sassa loan amount smoothly to such persons. To detect the wrong person and remove them from the Sassa database is the key factor for the success of Sassa loans. This is the only reason Sassa has become the world’s best program for deserving people due to the verification and daily basis evaluation process for all applicants who get funds from the Sassa team.

Requirements for Sassa Means Test Thresholds

Sass means test is designed very wisely like if any person plans to apply for grants like Disability grant, Older Person Grant, Foster Child Grant, Care Dependency grant, War Veterans, or Foster Child Grant and either apply for the Sassa SRD Grant then the eligibility or requirement for each person is decided after evaluating the income and assets? How much must you earn to qualify for Sassa grant? These are the most frequently questions asked from people. So let’s understand which amount is sufficient to get Sassa loans and how it works:

For Child Support Grant

If a person fulfills the eligibility criteria and has all the supportive documents required for getting the  child support grant then according to the Sassa means test the income of the person should be 

  • The person’s income yearly should not exceed the amount of R57,600.
  • If you have a spouse then the annual income of both of you does not exceed the amount of R185,040. 
  • And the last thing is the amount of the assets also does not cross the amount of R26,26,800 yearly.

If you are fulfilling the above criteria then congratulations you can proceed with your application and get approval shortly.

Older persons, Disability and War Veterans Grants

After evaluation of all the eligibility criteria and checking the required documents required for proceeding with such sort of grant. If you think you are eligible then you can check the requirement assigned by the Sassa means test before proceeding with the application

  • As per the Sassa means test the person who is going to apply for Sassa loans has an annual income of less than R92,520.
  • In case you are single then the Assets amount also does not exceed the amount of R13,13,400.
  • If you are married then your combined income not exceed the amount of R185,040. If the income is below the mentioned amount you can proceed with the Sassa application
  • In the married case, the amount of the assets also does not cross as per Sassa means test terms like they announced the amount of the assets should be below R26,26,800.

So after understanding and evaluating your income streams you can proceed next steps and complete the Sassa application form and submit it. I believe your application will be accepted.

For Foster Child Grant

In the case of a foster child grant the Sassa requires a single document to proceed with the Sassa application the court order should be in hand before proceeding with the Sassa application. In foster child grant, there are no finance limits assigned by the Sassa team 

For Care Dependency Grant

If you have checked all the eligibility criteria and arranged all the required documents then you can proceed with the care dependency grant. But before proceeding you have to check the eligibility required in the form of the Sassa means test.

  • If you are single then your income should not exceed R 20,800 per month and if you think about annually then the limit is R249,600.
  • As in the case of Singal, the assets amount also does not exceed R238,800.
  • If you are married and your spouse is also doing the job then the amount threshold for a monthly basis is R41,600 and In the case of per annum, the amount does not exceed R4,99,200.
  • As per married status, the assets should not exceed the amount of R477,600.

So I hope you consider these points before proceeding with the Sassa Care dependency Grant application Process. 

Assets Amount Assigned by Sassa

The Sassa team assigned asset requirements for those who have planned to apply for Sassa grants. But before proceeding with the type of grant you want to apply for, please review your assets amounts. These income and assets of the applicants are Sassa means test calculators like through your income and assets they can calculate whether your grant will be accepted or rejected.

In the case of Child Support Grant, SRD Grant, Care dependency grant, and  Foster child grant the means test for  Sassa is not mandatory but for the applicant’s need and safety, we have mentioned all the details in the above sections. For old age grant, you can review the given information

Disability Grant, Old Age, Grant-in-Aid, and War Veterans Grant

As per disability grant and Sassa old age grants you have to keep in mind that the applicant’s assets do not cross the value of R13,72,800. As per in the case of married status the assets owned amount not exceed to R27,45,600.

So before proceeding please check the income and assets amount carefully so you can proceed with your application chances of approval may be high 

Which Income Sources are Acceptable in the Sassa Means Test?

If your income sources are from the given sides then your Sassa means income source identified. The following are the sources of income accepted by Sassa:

  • The income received from private pension grant 
  • Receiving an amount from renting property 
  • Received amount from business or farming work 
  • Received money from your job
  • The compensation received from UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund)
  • Amount received from RAF (Road Accident Fund)
  • Amount received from COIDA (Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Funds)
  • Received an amount from an ex-spouse 

Assets Accepted by Sassa

Now the question is what are considered assets? The nature of assets accepted by Sassa are given below:

  • If you have any property like any shop house land or any other place registered in your name or your spouse’s name then it should be considered as an asset but remember the house where you lived is not noted as Assets.
  • Money in your bank account or if you are married then the collective money of you and your spouse should be considered Assets 
  • If you have purchased any shares in an open market with your name or either with your spouse’s name then this will be considered as your assets 
  • If you are retired then your aunty will be considered an asset or vice versa 

How does Sassa Calculate your revenue?

The Sassa team calculates your revenue after removing some basic expenses from your amount like 

  • Medical Aid Expenses
  • Tax Amount 
  • Medical Expenses
  • Charity Expenses
  • If you have a hospital then your all expenses used for the welfare of patients should be subtracted from your revenue 
  • UIF Payments 

So these are some basic expenses that are always deducted from your revenue and the rest amount considered to be the final revenue amount 

Sassa Grant Pay Amounts 

How much does a Sassa grant pay? Sassa offered different types of grants for multiple types of deserving, Needy, and poor people. So we can discuss the Grant amount as per the type of Grant:

  • SRD Grants: The applicant can receive an amount of R350 against this grant
  • Disability Grant: The applicant can collect an amount of R2090 per month 
  • War Veteran Grant: The approved applicant can collect R2110 per month 
  • Child Support Grant: Applicant can receive an amount of R510 per month
  • Grant Aid: Can receive an amount of R510 per month
  • Older Persons Grant: Receives R2090 to R2110 per month 
  • Care Dependency Grant: Can collect R2090 per month


In simple terms, SASSA loans are there to help people who need it. The government checks carefully to make sure only those who qualify get the loans. This is done through something called the SASSA means test, which looks at things like how much money you make and what you own. It’s important to follow the rules and provide the right documents when applying for these loans. By doing this, people can get the support they need from SASSA, making life a little easier for everyone.


SASSA stands for the South African Social Security Agency. It aims to assist people in need, particularly through social grants.

The conditions for SASSA grants vary depending on the type of grant being applied for. Generally, applicants need to meet certain criteria related to nationality, residency, age, income, assets, and other factors specific to each grant.

SASSA may conduct periodic checks on the bank accounts of grant recipients to verify eligibility and ensure compliance with grant conditions.

The SASSA means test is crucial as it helps determine the eligibility of applicants for SASSA grants. It assesses factors like income, assets, and expenses to ensure that grants are allocated to those who truly need them.

The main factor considered in the means test is the financial situation of the applicant, including their income, assets, and expenses. This assessment helps SASSA determine the level of financial need and the appropriate grant amount.

The SASSA means test is required to ensure that grants are allocated to individuals who genuinely require financial assistance. By assessing applicants’ financial circumstances, SASSA can prioritize assistance to those most in need and prevent misuse of funds

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