SASSA Status Pending: Reasons and Finding Solutions for Delays

After the submission of the Sassa application, if the status of the application is pending during the checking of Sassa R350 Status. Do not worry about that, this means your application has been successfully submitted by the Sassa team and now your application is under review.

SASSA Status Pending

What does Sassa status pending mean? The Sassa team starts the verification process and checks all possible things like the applicant’s source of income, or whether the applicant gets the loan amount from any other source. After completing the verification, the status seems to be updated and may be accepted declined, or rejected due to certain reasons.

So, let’s understand what points the Sassa team should consider after applying the Sassa application. How many days Sassa team take to update the status of the application? 

Why is my SRD Grant Status Still Pending?

Why is my SRD Grant Status Still Pending

South African Social Security Agency launched a program named Social Relief of Distress grants SRD Grants for deserving and unemployed citizens. Citizens between the ages of 18-60 can apply for the loan after understanding the eligibility criteria. Sometimes the applicants do not understand the eligibility criteria carefully and hence after submission of an application the application status seems to be pending for a long time and then rejected. So, make sure before proceeding with the Sassa loan application you can check the eligibility criteria very carefully so you can save time.

Here are a few reasons behind the status pending scene.

ID Verification Process

Once the applicant submits the Application, the Sassa management team starts the verification process after running the ID from different databases such as the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), and the South African Revenue System (SARS).

Income Details

The second step is to check the flow of coming funds in your bank from any source. I have applied for Sassa loans, but my application has been pending status for 60 days and after this, the application was rejected. I contacted the Sassa team and surprisingly they told me I had already enrolled in another loan form so the reason for the rejection. So if you do not have any proof of income then the next step is bank verification 

Bank Statement Verification

Once this process is completed now, they need the bank details so we will need to send the bank details.

Once the statement is verified you can check your payday date and the process of the Sassa payment status check can proceed.

How Long Does it Take for SRD Application to be Approved?

How Long Does it Take for SRD Application to be Approved

People always ask how long Sassa is pending take? The period Sassa offers for the application verification process is up to 90 days. The Sassa team checks all the submitted details and cross-checks each detail very carefully. So, within 90 days, the status of the application changed to either accepted or rejected. Normally people also ask about Sassa’s status pending for how long? The answer is it normally takes 1-6 weeks. So, I have a case study that I am going to share with you. 

Arno has applied for the Sassa SRD R350 application, and the status of the application is pending status. After submitting the application process, he has decided to check the Sassa Status. Unfortunately, after checking the Sassa status his Sassa SRD status was reapplication pending. After seeing the status, he was not sure what to do next and he had no direction.

The applicants decided to contact the Sassa team, so they have two options either call or email the support or visit the nearest Sassa Office. He has decided to call the Sassa team and after contacting the Sassa team he has briefly explained the application situation.

The Sassa team has asked Arno to upload the list of a few documents. As he uploaded the documents the Sassa team approved the loan within 60 days and the applicant got the loan amount to his bank.

How do I Check my Sassa Pending Status?

After applying, an SRD Sassa status check can be done by using multiple ways. The applicant can easily check by following the given methods.

How do I Check my Sassa Pending Status

Sassa Status Check for R350 through the Official Website

Here are several methods through which we can check the Sassa Status for all grants, for unemployment grant status checks you can also use this method. Among them, the first way is to check Sassa Srd’s status online through the official website.

  • The first step is to visit
  • After visiting the official website enter your reference Number assigned by Sassa and the linked phone number 
  • After adding details, you may receive an OTP.
  • After verifying the mobile number, you can check the Sassa status seems to be pending status 

Check Sassa’s Status through the SSCBD

The second method for the Sassa SRD350 status check process is to follow the below steps:

  • Visit the website SSCBD!
  • After visiting add your ID and linked phone number 
  • After adding the details, you receive the OTP and verify it 
  • Now you can check the Sassa SRD Status 

There are several other methods through which you can check the Sassa Status as well.

  • Check Sassa’s status through SMS.z
  • Check Sassa Status through WhatsApp Number 
  • Check Sassa Status through the Gov App
  • Check Sassa Status through the Moya App 
  • Check Sassa Status at Sassa Office 

By using these methods, you can check Sassa’s Status at any time after completing the process of Sassa application submission process.

How to Fix Your Status From Pending to Approved

How to Fix Your Status From Pending to Approved 

In the beginning, you need to wait for 90 days if your status is still pending then you can communicate and open a case with the Sassa team. As we know there are several ways through which we can contact the Sassa team. Let’s understand all methods in detail. 

Visit Your Nearest Sassa Office

The first and most productive way is to visit the Sassa office branch near your home, you need to arrange your documents and schedule a visit to the nearest Sassa Office. Before visiting the Sassa office, please make sure you have your identity, Cell phone, and a few essential documents like a bank statement or residential proof. During the visit, the Sassa officer demands a few documents so you can provide all the demanding documents and be able to change your application status easily.

Contact Sassa through WhatsApp

The second method is to contact the Sassa team after saving the number 0820468553 into your mobile phone. After saving the number you can text him by typing “Hi”. After sending the first message a pop-up is received, you can select the Sassa status check option. Add your reference number and linked phone number. After phone number verification you can contact the Sassa team and check your Sassa status as well

Contact Through Sassa Toll-Free Number 

The applicant can schedule a call with the Sassa team through the linked phone number and discuss the issue related to Status Pending. The toll-free number is 0800 60 10 11, before scheduling a call please bring your reference number or ID number in your hand so you can share the issue with the Sassa team.

What are the Reasons Behind Sassa’s Application Rejection?

What are the Reasons Behind Sassa's Application Rejection

There are several reasons behind the Application rejection. Before proceeding loan application the applicants should need to understand whether they are eligible for the specific loan or not. After researching all the possible factors if you think you are eligible then you can start proceeding. So, let’s understand the reasons behind the rejection

Source of Income 

At the time of application submission, if you are not receiving any sort of income but after completing the application submission process, you received any income from any source then the Sassa verification team can flag it and it may be the reason for Rejection.

Age Factor

If you have applied for the loan and at the time of application submission you are below the age of 60 but during the verification process you are above the age, then automatically you are not eligible to get the loan.

Already Enrolled in Other Loans Program

If you have applied for the Sassa Loans and already getting loans from other loan-offering companies, then you are not eligible to get loans. The reason behind this Sassa Loan is only for those who are disabled old or children and have no source of income called the unemployment grant program.

Among these, a few other factors play an important role in the rejection of the Sassa SRD R350 Grant.

Strategies for Minimizing Waiting Periods in Status Pending

To expedite your application process and minimize delays, adhere to these best practices.

  • Submit Complete Information: Ensure your application is complete and accurate. Incomplete forms or missing signatures will prompt Sassa to request additional information, prolonging verification.
  • Avoid Incorrect Information: Steer clear of providing inaccurate details, whether unintentional or fraudulent. Misinformation complicates verification and may result in rejection or legal repercussions. 
  • Provide All Required Documents: Include all necessary documents with your application. Failure to do so will prompt Sassa to request additional paperwork, delaying verification. 

Following these guidelines will accelerate your application process, allowing Sassa to focus solely on verification for prompt approval.

Sassa SRD Grant Appeals

Sassa SRD Grant Appeals

If a person faces the rejection of the Sassa Application, now understand how you can appeal to reinstate your Sassa Grants. Before understanding the Sassa grant appeal process you must understand the reason behind the rejection. If you are familiar with the reason for rejection then you can appeal in a better way. 

  • After facing rejection, you need to s submit an appeal within 90 days from the day you receive a rejection. After 90 days your appeal will not be accepted 
  • The recommended period for appeal submission is the first 30 days after receiving a rejection.
  • Avoid reapplying procedures. Sometimes people try to apply again for the Sassa loan program and face rejection again.
  • Before submitting an appeal, Please understand the complete appeal procedure by exploring the website

So, after understanding the appeal method you can appeal to approve your Sassa Grants. 


While a “Sassa status pending” may seem worrying, it simply means your application is undergoing verification. The team checks income, age, existing loans, and bank details, with a processing time of up to 90 days. Use various methods to track your status, and if rejected, appeal within 90 days, understanding the reason and following the proper procedure. Remember, this is general information, so for specific details and assistance, consult the official Sassa website or their support team.


Sassa status pending means the Sassa team needs further essential documents or bank statements to verify your application. So, after the submission of the essential documents, your application status will be changed.

To check Sassa status, there are various methods you can follow one of them and check Sassa Status.You can visit the Sassa official website or can visit the SSCBD. After adding the reference number and phone number you can get your results. People can also check by sending an SMS or by scheduling a call to Sassa’s free number.

After checking your Sassa Status, the applicant can check the results either the application is rejected or accepted. If your linked phone number is active, then you can also receive an SMS confirmation from the Sassa team.

You can reconfirm your Sassa Status after visiting the site visit Click on the “Reconfirm Existing Application” TAB with the link Enter your Personal ID number and Cell Phone number to reconfirm your existing Sassa SRD R350 Grant Application.

Understanding how to conduct a Sassa check is crucial for applicants to stay informed about the progress of their applications and to take necessary actions accordingly.

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