Shoprite Sassa loans: Guide for online Sassa Application Process in 2024

Due to inflation, the people of South Africa do not fulfill the basic needs of their lives. Several loan offering companies offer loans, among them the South African Social Security Agency becomes the most prominent one due to its user-friendly and easy-to-understand policies.

Shoprite Sassa loans

The interesting thing is that due to the large number of needy people, Sassa integrates with other platforms to fulfill their needs. Now Shoprite is also a part of Sassa-linked platforms. The best thing about ShopRite Sassa loans is they provide affordable and secured loans. So let’s understand if you have concerns about how to apply for ShopRite Sassa loans. What are the pros and cons?

In this article, you can get all the answers related to ShopRite sassa loans and after understanding the information, it will help you decide if it is the best option for you.

Shoprite Sassa Loans

Sassa loans play an important role in fulfilling the needs of needy people all over South Africa. The interesting fact is that you can apply Sassa loan online and offline with good or bad credit scores, if don’t have proof of income then don’t worry, only you must be old, disabled, or a child. Now understand what sort of loans Sassa offers and linked platforms like Shoprite that also offer loans under the Sassa loans policies.

In general, Sassa characterizes the audience into multiple categories and offers loans according to the user’s needs. These loans are also called instant sassa loans. There are several loans for sassa beneficiaries like sassa loans for pensioners, sassa loans for child grants, sassa micro-loans, moneyline sassa loans, boxer sassa loans, net1 sassa loans, sassa loans via cellphone. Among these, several institutions are linked with Sassa and offer Sassa loan services among them the best platforms are 

  • Shoprite Sassa Loans
  • Capitec Sassa Loans 
  • Finbond Sassa Loans

So let’s discuss the Shoprite sassa loans in detail and I will tell you about the ShopRite sassa loan application methods and basic requirements for eligibility.

Requirements for Shoprite Sassa Loans

Before applying for the ShopRite Sassa loans you should understand the policies of ShopRite are different from Sassa policies. The major difference is that Sassa itself does not offer loans for those applicants who have an income of more than R650 while Shoprite only offers loans to those who have valid proof of income. The basic requirements to get Shoprite sassa loans are simple for all individuals who want to get loans. So let’s understand the requirements

Requirements for Shoprite Sassa Loans
  • Applicant’s age should be 18 years or more than 18 years.
  • Applicants have a valid ID proof 
  • Loan purpose 
  • Income slips
  • 3 months Bank statement 
  • Good Credit Score
  • Proof of residence 

Normally people can manage their basic needs but in case of any emergency like having to manage weddings, funeral costs, and medical surgeries then you need to explain the purpose of your loan. After describing your purpose the chances of getting a shoprite sassa loan increase.

Note: Shoprite, a retail company, supports the South African Social Security Grant program by facilitating direct loans from the SASSA team. Occasionally, applicants can apply for loans directly through the Shoprite website. However, due to policy updates, this service may not always be available. It’s advisable to contact them before proceeding with your application.

How to apply for ShopRite Sassa loans?

An easy application process not only simplifies procedures but also fosters trust and engagement among applicants. Imagine having checked your eligibility for a loan and finding the next steps as simple as opening an application on your mobile or desktop. With just a few clicks, your application is submitted seamlessly. On the other hand, visiting a bank, filling out forms, and potentially returning due to missing documents can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Simplifying the process not only saves time but also instills confidence and trust in the lending institution.

How to apply for ShopRite Sassa loans

Shoprite Sassa loan online application process is simple and easy so let’s start the process and understand the basic steps:

Step 1: Visit the Shoprite Website 

Visit the official website of Shoprite after visiting the site you need to click on the “Sassa loans” tab

Step 2: Understand the Policies 

Applicants need to understand the specifications of loans and under which terms they are offered loans 

Step 3: Select the option 

Now you need to select the “Apply Now” option 

Step 4: Fill the information

After clicking the apply now option, the next step is to add all financial and personal information that has been asked 

Step 5: Upload Documents

Now you need to upload all the documents that have been asked. Please cross-check the documents before uploading. To save from any error, you can save the document with the document name.

Step 6: Recheck information

Before applying, the best strategy is to cross-check that all the information has been added. When you cross-check and ensure all information is correct now let’s move.

Step 7: Submit Application

After completing the review process, click on the submit button. 

Step 8: Check Status

After applying, you need to check the status of a loan after 3-4 days. Normally bank takes 3-7 days to complete the review process but days may change from case to case. 

Step 9: Loan Agreement

As your application has been approved then the applicant signs the loan agreement in which the borrowing amount with interest rates and repayment amount has been mentioned. Read it carefully and sign the loan agreement. Submit it 

Step 10: Check Bank Account

After submitting the loan agreement, the borrowing amount should be credited to your bank account. So you need to check your bank account, the amount can be transferred within a few days after approval of the application.

Can I withdraw money at Shoprite?

Yes, the applicants can get their funds immediately. ShopRite is one of the best retailers that allows users to withdraw Sassa loans immediately. One thing I suggest is as your grant has been approved and the amount transferred to a link bank account then apply for a Sassa card online so by using your Sassa card you can get your borrowing amount easily.

How much amount can I get from Spotrite SASSA loans?

The loan amount depends upon the purpose of the loan. After verification the Spotrite team can approve the loans from R350 to R1500 the user can get the amount in their bank account. If your bank account is not linked then the applicant can carry the message to the Spotrite shop and can receive the borrowing amount from the Spotrite branch.

How do I withdraw money from SASSA Shoprite?

If you have received the approval message from Sassa Loans then only 2 options are available 

  • You can withdraw money after visiting Shoprite, seeing a Sassa message, or receiving a Shoprite notification.
  • You can withdraw if you have a Sassa card, a simple way as same as you use your debit card.

What is the SMS Number for a Shoprite loan?  

The ShopRite SMS number is  +27600123456. The applicant can save the number and also contact through WhatsApp. The ShopRite Sassa loan WhatsApp number is 0872405709, save the number and send a message to the above number and get the results


In conclusion, Shoprite Sassa loans provide a vital lifeline for individuals facing financial hardships in South Africa. With both online and offline application options, Shoprite offers accessible and secured loans, ensuring that applicants can meet their urgent financial needs. By understanding the loan policies, eligibility criteria, and application process outlined in this guide, individuals can make informed decisions about whether Shoprite Sassa loans are the right choice for them. Additionally, Shoprite’s collaboration with the South African Social Security Agency expands the reach of financial assistance, further empowering those in need.


Yes, you can withdraw your amount from your atm card by using your sassa card

The Shoprite stamps are too cheap for the citizens of South Africa. The cost of stamps is just R10 to R20 every month. Stamps can be purchased and redeemed at the nearest ShopRite branch near your location.

The users can use Shoprite for multiple purposes not only for loans. So how you can open your account:

  • You can open your account simply after visiting the official website  
  • You can use Shoprite loan WhatsApp number 0872405709 and text “Hi” so you can proceed with the account opening request 
  •  If you want to sign up the Shoprite then dial *134*569*CARDNUMBER# to sign up. 
  • The Spotrite Contact Centre number is 0800 33 33 85. After calling you can also open your account

Yes, you can get your credit score after visiting ShopRite’s nearest branch. Please bring your national ID and residence proof. Please remember the fee for a credit score report is R99 you need to submit the fee and then within minutes the credit score is in your hands.

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