Apply for New Sassa Card Online & In-Person: Easy Steps for 2024

After approving the applicant’s Sassa loans, the applicant can apply for new Sassa card online. In some cases, people have lost their cards and are worried about how to get a new card. In case you have lost your card then in this blog, I will guide you on what you have to do if you lost your Sassa card.

If you have lost your card or are looking to apply for a new Sassa card online, you need to read all the steps and follow them. I guarantee if you follow the steps you can apply for a Sassa card instantly and get your card soon.

Sassa scheme and COVID-19 pandemic

The government entirely closed its borders and imposed an economic and social lockdown on the population in 2020 fearing that the COVID-19 virus would spread. This measure was taken in an attempt to contain the pandemic and potentially halt the virus’s spread. There is a 90% influence of the economic lockout on the global economy as a whole.

The world’s most audacious social protection reforms were implemented in South Africa, where they were unveiled in two phases on March 25 by the Minister of Employment and Labour and on April 21 by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Millions of people who had previously held formal employment would get emergency benefits, greatly expanding the reach of contribution-financed social insurance.

Requirements for Applying for a New Sassa Card

Before beginning the online application process, you must fulfill a few qualifying requirements, like:

  • You have to be a South African citizen.
  • You have to be a resident of South Africa.
  • You have to be between the ages of 18 and 60.
  •  Either you must earn enough money as per R624 or less than a month, or you must be required to take a means test.
  • To be eligible for the cash assistance, you must be jobless.
  • You need to own a South African ID or a legitimate visa for asylum seekers
  • Verify that no additional financial assistance is being provided to you.

Important: Also, the applicant should have an active email address and valid phone number so they can get updated notifications from the bank. 

Methods to Apply Sassa New Card

When 90% of the economy was severely impacted by the lockdown, the South African government provided ease and relief to its citizens. Now let’s talk about the techniques for applying for the Sassa card and becoming a holder. You can apply for the Sassa card grant in one of two ways at this time, but both are technically easier to use and far more convenient.

Methods to Apply Sassa New Card


  1. Apply online for a Sassa card.
  2. Apply For SASSA New Card In-Person at the Post Office

Apply online for a Sassa card

The comprehensive, step-by-step instructions for applying for an online Sassa card are given below:

Apply For a New SASSA Card Online

1. Obtain the necessary paperwork

To apply for a Sassa card, you must have valid identification, a working phone number (so that Sassa assistants can contact you quickly and provide updates on any issues), your full name and surname, and your residential or permanent address in South Africa.

2. Go to the Sassa website

Go to the South African Social Security Agency’s official website to begin the online application process for the Sassa card. To begin the process, select your preferred web browser and navigate.

3. Make an account

Make an account by carefully following the offered link after finding the sign-up option on the Sassa website’s home page. After selecting the relevant link, provide the necessary details, including your phone number, complete name, and surname, among others. To keep your account secure, make sure you set a username and password.

4. Sign in to your account

After creating an account successfully, sign in using your username and password. You might then be able to use all of Sassa’s online services.

5. Go to the part where you apply for cards

There might be a section of your account dedicated to the card. This could be found under a particular menu item or tab, like “card services” or “apply for a new Sassa card”.

6. Complete the application

To access the application form, click the Apply for New Sassa Card button. After precisely filling out the form, click “Submit” to move your application along.

7. Await your card

On the submission of your application, you must patiently wait for Sassa to send you an email or SMS on your phone number confirming the activity of your card. Upon confirmation of the activity, pick up your card from the Sassa office.

Apply For SASSA New Card In-Person at the Post Office

The other method to apply for a Sassa card is not as simple as the first one because, in the case of your online card application, you have to just open your laptop, and with good internet connections and documents you can proceed for a new card. But in case of a post office visit you need to manage your time and visit the office. After visiting the office you need to complete the application process and in case of gathering you can spend more time than the normal time. 

Apply For SASSA New Card In-Person at the Post Office

Anyhow let’s understand the steps for the Sassa card application process 

Step 1: Sassa office Near me 

The first step is to open Google Maps and type Sassa offices near me. Google Maps can recommend the nearest Sassa offices. Select the best option and check the timing.

Normally the office timing is from Monday to Friday 08:00 am to 04:00 Pm. In case of Saturday and Sunday, the office will be closed. So always try to visit the office on time and on weekdays.

Step 2: Essential Documents 

Now you need to understand the documents already mentioned above. The documents include an ID card, residential address, and other proofs like valid ID details.

Step 3: Visit the Sassa Office

The next step is to schedule a time and visit the nearest Sassa post office. You have to collect all the necessary documents and visit the Sassa office on working time.

Step 4: Fill out the  application form 

After understanding the requirements the applicant needs to submit all the details accurately and fill out the application form to complete the procedure for a new Sassa card. The main advantage of filling out the form in the Sassa office is in case of any query you may ask the Sassa officer and get your answer in minutes 

After finishing the interview and application, you will receive a dated stamp paper with the officer’s name for use in future procedures and as proof of application.

Step 5: Follow Up and Collect the Card

After submitting the application form, the Sassa officer will confirm the date when you can get your card. Normally as the card is delivered to the bank, the auto banking SMS system informs you about the delivery of your card. So after receiving a message you can visit the office and collect your card 

Note: It’s important to keep any receipts or documents provided to you during the application process for future reference or inquiries.

How can I debit the amount from my Sassa Card?

The applicant can get the amount from a Sassa card without any hurdles. Just like other bank cards you can use and withdraw your money from any other bank account. In new cards, the postal office offers a free one-time withdrawal option from the post bank 

How can you check the Sassa card Balance?

You can check your Sassa card balance after understanding the given steps:

  1. Visit the ATM: The first thing you need to do is to visit the nearest ATM. 
  2. Verify your PIN: After visiting the ATM, the next process is to enter the card on the machine and press 4 the PIN code 
  3. Choose an option: Now you can select the option related to “Balance Inquiry” which should be seen on the screen. Click on the option and choose the method either you just saw the balance on the screen or you want to print the balance amount 
  4. Results: After checking the result on screen or getting the print from the machine you need to press the cross button and get your card. After collecting the card leave the ATM 

Benefits of Sassa Card

Here are several benefits while you are using the Sassa card. Some of the advantages are given below 

Easy and Free Transactions

The Sassa cards allow users to enjoy free transactions whenever users need to withdraw an amount. There will be no extra hidden charges against any transactions. So the second best thing is easy access to bank statements

Secure Payment Access

Sassa banking system improves the quality of banking services. Hence with better and secure payments, the loan-borrowing person can easily utilize their amount without any problems 

Online Availability

Sassa banking offers valid online transactions that will help customers do online shopping from all over the country and from outside the country. So with the userfriendly policies Sassa program has become the most demanding loan offering program all over the country 

After understanding these characteristics, every needy citizen of South Africa should have a desire to get the services of Sassa loans and check the eligibility to be a part of this user-friendly loan system 

Where Can I Use a Sassa Card?

As previously described the Sassa card is the same as your debit card. You can use your Sassa card to either purchase any groceries pay any bills or in case of purchasing any tickets. You can use an ATM and withdraw your money easily. 


In 2024-2025, applying for a new Sassa card online is straightforward, offering convenience amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Applicants must meet eligibility criteria, including citizenship, age, and financial status. Two methods exist online application or in-person visits to Sassa offices. Upon submission, await confirmation for card activation. The Sassa card provides free transactions, secure payments, and online accessibility, aiding financial inclusion. FAQs address application procedures, denials, and updates. If a card is lost, visit a post office for a replacement. Overall, Sassa’s initiatives support citizens in need, fostering economic resilience in South Africa


You can easily apply for a grant through the Sassa office (in person) or by visiting their official website for online services.

If your application is rejected, you have ninety days to request reconsideration and, if necessary, file an appeal with the Ministry of Social Development.

On our website Sasssa Status Check Baking Details, you may get answers to all of the questions and updates on grants.

Please do not worry if you have lost your Sassa card. The thing you need to do is to visit the nearest post office and apply for a Sassa card again.

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