SASSA Status Check & Change Banking Details [2024]

If you have applied for the SASSA SRD Grant and are curious about the status of your SASSA SRD R350 Grant, it’s important to know the efficient ways to check your SASSA status. To efficiently complete your SASSA status check, use the ID number provided by SASSA and the phone number you used during your application submission process.

API Integration

SASSA Status Check

Sometimes, applicants face issues related to the banking details added to the SASSA database. Is changing your SASSA banking details an easy process? Yes, the process is easy to understand. If a person can’t update the banking details, the SRD Grant may not be delivered to your bank accounts.

SASSA Status Check Online 2024

The South African Social Security Agency continues the process of offering loans to deserving applicants from South Africa in 2024. The feature that makes this loan unique is the eligibility criteria for those people who are jobless. Deserving and jobless people who have applied always want to check the status of their loan application.

SASSA Status Check Online 2024

The most frequent grant offered by SAAS is the R350 grant, and people always ask how to check the SASSA grant loan status. So, let’s understand how many ways are available to check the Sassa status.

The SRD Sassa status check can be proceeded by following the channels.

Sassa Status check

Checking your Status From (SSCBD Website)

Whatsapp icon

Through SASSA WhatsApp 082-046-8553

Moya app icon

Through the Moya APP Using Data Free Method


Through SMS To SASSA Number 082-046-8553

Call attend icon

Contacting on SASSA Toll-Free No. 0800-601011

Sassa SRD Status Check Through SSCBD

Here is an answer to the most frequently asked question how to check Sassa status? The method is simple and easily understandable, just follow the given steps.

Sassa SRD Status Check Through SSCBD
  • You can check Sassa status through SSCBD
  • Put the basic information like ID number assigned by Sassa and linked phone number
  • After adding the details, Press Submit button.
  • So, your Sassa srd R350 application status is on screen either it is approved, in pending, or rejected.

Sassa status check 2024 via WhatsApp

If you are finding a way to check sassa srd R350 status then you are in the right place. 

Sassa status check 2024 via Whatsapp

Follow a few simple steps

  • Please save the Sassa WhatsApp number 0820468553 in your phone book
  • Open the WhatsApp and search for the sassa number.
  • Open the chat box with the sassa number and send a message after pressing the simple Hi, or Hello.
  • After sending a message you will receive a pop-up with a list of multiple options.
  • Select the option having the words application status inquiry, normally it will be option 1 
  • After selecting the option, you need to add the details like your ID number and phone number, etc
  • After completing all the steps you can get your sassa results on your screen.
  • The status of the results may be approved rejected or pending

SRD Status check via Helpline

SRD Status check via Helpline

By following a simple way you can check sassa status

  • Arrange a mobile phone with having good network
  • Dial the number 0800601011 and request to check the r350 status 
  • After that please follow the directions and provide details
  • Then you may able to check the sassa status 

check Sassa status through SMS

The Sassa management team has not officially launched any service related to SMS. But yes you can check the status by using WhatsApp number with the details mentioned above.

How to check sassa status through SMS

Sometimes people ask what to do if Sassa status is approved but no SMS is received. The best thing you can do is to follow a few steps

  • First, make sure you receive an OTP while adding details to the application form 
  • You can wait for a few days after the application submission
  • Contact the bank and discuss the issue 
  • Again verify the details on the Sassa website 
  • If the issue is not resolved then call the Sassa helpline 0800601011

Check Sassa Status on Moya App

The Moya app is officially launched to fulfill the needs of the people of South Africa.

Check Sassa Status on Moya App

You can check your sassa status by using the Moya app by following these steps:

  • By using the Google Play Store or Apple App Store you can download the Moya App 
  • Click the discovery section of the Moya App and choose Sassa Grant
  • By clicking the drop-down menu you can check sassa Srd Status 
  • Click on “Application status”
  • Please add your ID number and linked phone number
  • Press the submit button and proceed with it 
  • You may check your sassa status on the screen whether it is approved rejected or pending 

SASSA Grant Status Result Meaning

Here we can mention all possible expected statuses that might be seen after the submission of a loan application.

Alternative Income Source Identified

The Applicant should have another source of income. You need to check the alternative source of income and remove the source.

Means Identified Income Source

This indicates the borrowing person received an income from a job or business. So, the applicant or borrowing person should diagnose the source of income and resolve this issue.

Application Completed

The application status has been completed and will be verified for Sassa SRD R350 Grants. The applicant needs to check Sassa Status every month.

Bank Details Pending

The applicant application has been completed but bank details have not been verified yet.

Sassa Reapplication Pending

This indicates the rejected application did not reapply again. So, the applicants need to initiate the process of reapplication.

March Pending

As the names indicate the status of March is still pending so the applicants need to wait until the status of the specific period change

March Approved

As the name indicates Sassa loans have been approved for March. The applicants need to check the payment date so they can collect the loan amount.

March Declined

Sassa has declined your loan application for a specific month, so you need to contact Sassa team and discuss your issue. Maybe you have to verify a few documents.

After understanding all the feasibility of the status then we can move forward and understand how we can check the sassa status.

Sassa SRD R350 Application Requirements

Sassa loan programs become the world’s best loan offering program for old and disabled people. The key feature of this program is to provide the basic amount to those people who are unable to do the job and then no need to repay policy makes it more friendly for the disabled person.

Let’s understand which sort of documents we should arrange before checking the Sassa SRD R350 grant status

Eligible Citizens

People who are eligible to apply for Sassa are in the following categories. 

  • Old Age Grant: This grant is for those people who are permanent residents of South Africa, and should be 60 years old 
  • Disability Grants: Any cause of disability may lead to unemployment. If disability is the reason behind unemployment, then such sort of people can also apply for a loan.
  • Child support Grant: Children who are under the age of 18 and meet the specific income criteria then such sort of children is eligible for the application process. 
  • Foster Child Grant: Foster parents who are registered are eligible for Sassa srd R350 Grant
  • Care Disability Grant: People who are caretakers of disabled persons can apply for this type of grant. 

Sassa Status check for r350 Payment dates

The Sassa R350 payment dates vary every year. Here are a few dates you can check on which dates your payments are issued.

MonthYearPay Day Date Status 
September 202320thApproved

The significance of the Sassa Grant increases day by day, especially for those whose living expense depends upon the loan amount approved by Sassa. For further easiness, the Sassa grants have been classified into three main categories which include disability, Old, and children Grants.

Let’s understand how these dates work!

Sassa Grant DatesOlder Person GrantsDisability GrantsChildren Grants
January 20243 Jan Wednesday4 Jan Thursday5 Jan Friday
February 20242 Feb Friday5 Feb Monday6 Feb Tuesday
March 20245 March Tuesday6 March Wednesday7 March Thursday

The payment dates enable to loan borrower to manage all the basic expenses on time. A person who has to manage the living expenses by using a loan amount is worried about the date of payment. This means his financial circle always depends upon the amount borrowed from the Loan offering Company. 

Factors Affecting Sassa Grants Payment Dates

Here are multiple factors that may lead to delays in Sassa payment dates. Although the borrowing person looks too conscious about the date of payment. So let’s discuss the factors

  • Public holidays: The public holidays can be a reason for pending your payments. When a person checks Sasssa’s status it seems to be approved but the payment has not been transferred to your bank details. 
  • System Maintenance: Sometimes the amount cannot be transferred to your bank account due to certain reasons among one is system maintenance. System maintenance can cause a delay in payment.
  • Unforeseen circumstances: Sometimes the reason behind the late payment is unknown, the payment dates can be changed officially without any comments.

Sassa Status Checking Errors & Their Meanings

Sometimes, people face errors while checking the Sassa status after visiting may be caused by multiple reasons like wrong ID numbers or typing mistakes can be the reason for such errors.

After understanding the reasons behind these Sassa errors, we can understand how to fix these errors easily. Some errors are due to systematic issues which should be managed by the Sassa team while some errors are due to human mistakes which can be fixed and handled by us.

Let’s understand all types of Sassa status checking errors and find the best solution to get easily rid of these issues. While checking the Sassa status there are different types of grant status that an applicant can be faced. What is their status?

Let’s understand the common errors and their meanings as well.

Common IssuesExplanation of Issues
What does Application Complete mean?Application complete means you have filled in all the necessary details and your application is good to go 
What Bank details pending means?This status indicates you should update your bank details 
What does period Pending mean?Period pending status indicates your application has been submitted.
What does period Approved mean?Period approved means your application has been approved and now need to wait for payday.
What does period decline mean?Period declined means the application was not declined properly but needs to wait until the next month. 
What does a canceled application mean?Your application has been declined this may occur due to multiple factors. 
What does “SASSA status check reapplication pending” mean?If your income status crosses the poverty line, then it means you can request reconsideration of the SRD R350 grant. You can re-apply for a loan as well then, the status shows Sassa status check reapplication pending.
Can’t check SRD status?If you have added the wrong reference number, then you are unable to check the status. 
When SASSA says approved?If the application has been verified, then the Sassa team approved your status you can check the Sassa status as approved on your dashboard.
Means income Source Identifies If you have not added your income streams properly or at the time of application submission you don’t have any sort of job. During verification, if the Sassa team checks any payment or income proof then it may lead to the updating of the Sassa status which shows to be an income source identified. 
SASSA Approved with payday but no SMS.Sometimes your application has been approved and payday has been assigned but you do not receive any SMS due to the wrong number added. 

How to manage Sassa payments?

Management plays an important role in all aspects of life even if you want to achieve a target either small or large then you need to create a plan and manage it properly. So now understand how you can manage the budget

  • Budgeting for Grant Funds: If you want to run your home decently then you need to manage the budget for each expense. You need to fix some amount for food, transport, utility bills, and house expenses. Budget management always increases the life of your budget.
  • Emergency Fund Planning: Always try to collect a small amount from your budget as savings. This means for each month you have to save a small amount so that in case of any emergency you can manage your issues easily.
  • Expense tracking and review: Always check your expenses, which means you need to review the expenses. Either this expense is essential or without doing this expense things can be moved on.
  • Financial Advisory Consultation: Always consult with a consultant and discuss the expense details with the accountant. And ask which strategies are better for me to manage my expenses and maintain my cash flow. 
  • Prompt Reporting of Changes: Always try to update yourself related to any new update launched by Sassa. If you know the new updates you have time to manage the cash flow accordingly.

What are the Common Errors in the payment delay process and Solutions

People are facing serious issues related to the delay of payments. Now understand what are the errors and how can we resolve these issues

Payment delay

The payment delay process may be due to certain reasons

  • Public holidays
  • System Errors 
  • Unseen errors 

Incorrect Bank Details

During application submission, sometimes the bank details are added incorrectly. Due to this reason, the payment can’t be transferred to your account so you are unable to receive your payments 

Verification Processes

During the verification process, maybe the bank takes extra time to verify your documents. This may lead to a delay in the process of the payment transfer process. So please correctly put all the details.

Volume of Application

Due to the large number of applications, the delay may have occurred. So in this situation, you will be unable to proceed.

What are the reasons for declined Sassa Grant Applications?

Here are several reasons which may lead to the rejection

  • NSFAS SUpport 
  • Incorrect information 
  • Residency Requirments 
  • Age requirements 
  • Verification Failiure 
  • Means test
  • Administrative errors
  • Unemployment Insurance Fund

Grant Application Payment Methods

The payment methods are of two types

  • You can get your payments by using your gold atm card.
  • The second payment methods people normally use and also available are Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Boxer, and Usave.

When SASSA’s R350 Grant Expires?

The South African President Dr Cyril Ramaphosa announced in Cape Town that the program will continue until March 2024. The verification system enables the Sassa team to verify the eligible candidates by understanding their identity, income, residency, and all other basic things. 

Why Is My SASSA R350 Grant Still Pending

During the process of application submission, the wrong entry of any information may lead to pending status, or it may be declined. In case of pending, review your application and check all the necessary details you have added to the application form.

 What do you need to do in case of a declined status? If you have faced a decline, then you may proceed to the next step by contacting the reconsideration process

Reconsideration Status

After understanding the status of your application, write an appeal and submit it again by logging in, Check the status of reapplication status as well.

Why Sassa Status Failed 

The Sassa status may have failed due to identity issues if your identity is not verified then your application will be rejected, and the status shown to be failed. This normally occurs when your details do not match with the details of DHA, which means the Department of Home Affairs then an issue may exist. After understanding the issue, reapply for a loan after correcting the wrong information.

Sassa Payment Status on Govchat

After visiting the official site of you can download the app. This app is a South African Government Platform the applicants can register easily after adding all their details.

Significance of SASSA Updating Bank Details 

After approving the SRD status, the significant step is to receive the Sassa payments. You can get your loan SRD grant only if you enter the correct bank details. If there is any error in bank details then it means you are too far from your borrowing amount. 

We have seen too many cases related to wrong bank detail issues and based upon these issues the grant has been declined. Please remember after Sassa status has been approved, always check your payment details on the application so you can receive your amount on time

When Should You Update Your SRD Banking Details?

Why is Sassa changing banking details for r350 is important process? The South African Social Security Agency always allows the applicants to add or delete information according to the user behavior. So let’s discuss which are the common reasons to update your banking details among them few are given below

When Should You Update Your SRD Banking Details

Payment Failure

If Sassa attempts to transfer the loan amount to your linked bank account but the transaction does not proceed successfully. Then the applicant needs to update the bank details 

Payment Delayed 

Sometimes at the time of the transaction, the amount seems to be transferred to your linked bank accounts but unfortunately, the payment is not received in the bank in the meantime. Maybe Sassa again started the verification process or the bank servers did not show you the amount. The payments seem to be available in the coming days, In that situation you need to update the bank details 

Changing Bank Details Due to Bank Closure

If the integrated bank is closed due to any reason then the applicant should need to change the bank details.

Additional Costs

Some banks deduct charges due to failed transactions, this amount should be deducted from your Sassa SRD R350 Grant amount so your amount is further deducted. If you are facing this issue then you need to update your Sassa Banking details 

Switching to New Bank 

If the applicant is facing bank issues due to any verification process so now you need to update your Sassa banking details.

Security Issues

Maybe sometimes you are facing some security concerns or double authentication related to your bank account so what should you need to know? In case of any risk, it is better to update your Sassa Grant bank details 

Update Payment Method 

If you think banking is not the best way, then you can use the different methods offered by Sassa to get a Sassa Loan amount. The other methods involved post office and few other recommended methods are available 

How to Change Banking Details for Sassa SRD Grant?

As per the South African Social Security Agency policies, any applicant can change the banking details by using various ways. Sassa change banking details for R350 in 2024 is easily processable. Many people can schedule a direct call or manage it by using SMS or emails so let’s understand the step-by-step process

How to Change Banking Details for Sassa SRD Grant

Visit the Online Sassa Web Portal (SASSA change banking details)

The first step is to visit the Sassa banking details link As you have already applied for Sassa loans you have your login details. If you do not have any login details then you can simply create your account after adding the basic information used during the Sassa Application Submission process. After successfully creating your Sassa Account now you can change your banking details.

Sassa Banking details website

As you have created your account so now on the Sassa Official Site there are two options through which any applicant can proceed with the process:

  • South African Citizens: The 13-digit ID code is the basic requirement for a South African citizen who wants to access the official portal.
  • Special Permit Holders: If you have a special permit to live in South Africa or you are an asylum seeker then you need to arrange a few special documents which you use in the Sassa Application Submission process like:

Click on “Sassa SRD Change Banking Details” Section

Once you have successfully logged in, now you need to trace the “Change Banking Details” section. After clicking on change banking details you can close to complete the Sassa banking details changing process 

Identity Verification Process 

Due to fraudulent activities, the South African Social Security Agency improved the verification process. Before changing Sassa grant banking details you need to submit your ID and complete the verification process.

  • For South African Citizens: If you are a citizen of South Africa then you can update your banking details. For updation, you need to add your ID number and phone number. After adding this information you can receive a secure link on your mobile number linked with the Sassa Application. Now you need to open the link and verify your identity.
  • For Special Permit holders or Asylum Seekers:  If you are not South African citizens then you need to understand the only thing you can update is your Pick n Pay point to collect their Sassa grant amounts. The process is the same you need to add your special documents like your passport number or file number with your phone number. After adding details you need to verify your identity after clicking on the secure link received on your mobile phone. 

Add Your Payment Method 

After completing the verification process, you need to follow further instructions available on your mobile screen. All the instructions are easy to understand and applicants can have the option of choosing their preferred payment method.

  • Update Payment details:  The applicant can update the preferred payment details like he can choose any other banking options. After selecting the banking option the applicant needs to add the Account number, Routing number, or Sort code. 

Note: The applicant can only add the bank details that are registered in the Applicant’s Name. If the applicant uses the banking details of any cousin or relative then Sassa will not upgrade your banking details   

  • Update Payment Method: If you are a South African Citizen and add to change payment method like in starting you have received the Sassa loan amounts in your bank account. And now you are looking to change the payment method from the bank to any nearest post office. This is the option where you can update the payment details.

Review Your Sassa Details 

Please cross-check all the details very carefully before submitting it. If you have cross-checked you can save your time and effort. So please double-check all the details very carefully before moving to the next step.

Verification Time

After submitting all the documents, the applicant needs to wait for 5-7 business days. So if your details are not updated after 7 days then you can contact the Sassa Office through email or call. 

Confirmation Received 

After updating the Sassa Banking details, you can receive a message of confirmation. So you can open the portal and confirm the updated Sassa details. 

Tips to Avoid Delays in Approving Updated Sassa Bank Details

Here are a few tips please remember in your mind during the process of updating bank details.

Tips to Avoid Delays in Approving Updated Sassa Bank Details

These are given below

  • Added the right information and cross-check it before submitting 
  • In case Sassa demands special documents then please provide accurate and related documents. And submit it carefully.
  • Do not reapply again and again. Once you have completed the payment updation process then the applicants need to wait for 7 business days.
  • During the process of bank details updation process make sure you have a good internet connection. 

Verification Timeline for SRD Banking Details Update

The verification process in case of any bank update usually takes 7-10 business days. In case of any other updates like changing your phone number or address, the time taken for any updates is the same.

Normally after updating the bank details, the bank verifies the details by using a stringent bank verification procedure. After updating the bank details the bank did the same procedure as they did for previous bank information. So it may take some time.

Check Your Updated Banking Details Status 

After updating the banking details, you need to check the status of the updation. So let’s understand how can check the status of your banking details verification with Sassa:

  • Visit the official website
  • After visiting the website add your details and log in to the account 
  • Click on the “Current payment option” on the site
  • Check the status of your updated banking details 

What should we do After completing the Verification of Sassa Banking Details?

Once your Sassa verification has been successfully updated then:

  • You can receive a message from Sassa that confirms your updation related to Sassa Banking details.
  • Always check your bank account may be the amount automatically delivered to your updated bank account 

What if You Did Not Receive the Confirmation After Verification?

If your status has not been changed and more than 7 days have passed. So the next step is to visit the Nearest Sassa office. Please keep your documents with you at the time of your visit. So you can get your answers easily.


To check your SASSA status, use methods like WhatsApp, SMS, the helpline, or the official SASSA website. These tools help you track your R350 grant application, stay updated on payment dates, verify eligibility, and understand the necessary documents. It’s crucial to keep your banking details updated to ensure you receive your grant on time. Incorrect bank info can cause delays or stop payments altogether. SASSA makes updating your info easy online or by phone. Regularly checking and updating your details, and contacting SASSA with any questions, ensures a smooth flow of grant money. Stay informed and proactive, especially as the R350 grant program runs until March 2024. Understanding the Sassa Status check process and keeping your bank information updated are the basics to getting Sassa loans effectively.


After asking a lot of questions I am going to share a few questions that may help you during the Sassa status-checking process

When you are going to check your sassa status you can check the dates of payments as well. The things you have are your ID number and phone number. Open your sassa status check portal and check the results.

If the status of SRD R350  is available then it means you can check your payday. Normally after passing the payday, any applicant can receive payment. After passing the payment date you can visit the nearest post office or visit the bank to get your payments

The status check method is the same when you are checking for 2022 or 2024. The thing you need to do please visit the status check tool portal and add your ID number and phone number

The sassa R350 Grant dates for February are not as fixed as they could be. The thing that I suggest is to check your sassa status on the 30th of every month so you can find the payday as well.

If you want to cancel your application, then you can do it after visiting the website, or by using WhatsApp or even you can schedule a call and cancel the application at any time.

To check the sasssa balance online, you must first check the |Sassa R350 approved amount. Add all expenses that you did and subtract them from your total amount so you can get your results. If you have online access to your bank then you can check the details of incoming and outgoing amounts and understand the current balance.

The applicants who are going to apply for a loan should receive a 13-digit number from sassa these numbers are called applicant IDs. This ID is a mixture of your date of birth and a few other numbers assigned by the Sassa team.

After visiting the sassa status check portal, you can check whether your grant is approved or denied.

Yes, you can download your sassa status. After opening the Sassa SRd 350 grant status you can save the status.

After submitting the Sassa application, the portal shows you the status “SRD Grant is now active” which means your application has been received.

Normally the reconsideration period varies between 60-90 days. As per my understanding, you can receive your results in 60 days.

SRD Reapplication pending means your reapplication has not been submitted. So maybe you are applying in the wrong direction. So research it and then submit it again

Sassa Application status has been approved means you can check your payday. If your payday has not been seen then it means the payment process has not been done by the official sassa management team.

The action item is to add the banking details or if you already added then it means your details have not been correct. Add the details again.

The Means test represents whether a person is eligible for the loan or not.

If your sassa R350 status is pending then it means your application is under review. You need to wait until the status changes

The period in which sassa pays is of around about three months.

Unfortunately, you can’t change your bank account number directly. This unique number is like your account’s fingerprint and can’t be altered. However, if your account is compromised, you can open a new bank account for added security.

To change your bank account, you’ll need to gather some important information:

  • Full name of your old bank
  • Account number and sort code of the old account
  • Details of any existing debit cards linked to the account
  • Official identification and proof of your current address

A: You can write a letter to your bank requesting a change of bank details. Here’s a sample format: Subject: Request for Change of Bank Details
Dear Sir/Madam,
I/we kindly request you to update the bank details in your records as follows:
[Include details of old and new bank accounts]
Please find attached a bank certificate confirming the changes.
[Your Name]

To update your SASSA banking details, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the SASSA online portal and navigate to the “Change Banking Details” section.
  2. Submit your identity verification.
  3. Update your banking details with your preferred payment method.
  4. Review and confirm your updated banking details.

Your bank account number is unique to your account and cannot be changed directly. If you need to change it, you’ll have to open a new account, which will give you a new account number. Just ensure all pending transactions are cleared before closing your old account.

To change your name on your bank account, you’ll need to provide legal documentation proving the name change. This typically includes documents like your Aadhar card, affidavit, gazette copy, newspaper advertisement, marriage certificate, or other government-issued documents reflecting your new name.

Sassa Status check banking details indicate after changing the banking details the applicant should check Sassa Status periodically so he can collect Sassa grants easily.

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