Sassa Cancel Application: Complete Guide to Cancel Sassa Grant 

If you want to cancel the Sassa grant due to a better financial situation or you are looking to apply for another loan then you can easily cancel your Sassa Relief Grant. Sometimes the Sassa R350 relief grant does not fulfil the basic needs of some people so they can try to shift loan plans accordingly. Now people ask and want to know the Sassa cancel application procedure. We are here to guide you on the way to canceling this Sassa SRD Grant.

Sassa Cancel Application

If Sassa approves your cancellation request then you will not get your monthly payments anymore.  This process is ethical and Sassa always relaxes the loan-borrowing people to cancel this grant if they don’t need it. Importantly, You must check whether your Sassa Relief grant is active or inactive before its cancellation. You need not be worried about your grant if it is inactive. 

Background and Importance of Sassa Relief Grant

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) is a national agency of the South African government created in April 2005 to administer South Africa’s social security system. It was started because the people there were facing many financial problems, especially with COVID-19. So, their government plans to give money to those who need it the most for their financial relief. There were a few conditions to make sure money went into the needed hands. It was for the people who lost their jobs, for the old age or disabled people who were having a hard time surviving, and for children.

The Sassa relief grant is very important for those people who are facing financial problems. This program is like a safety net, protecting the people of South Africa from the hardships of money. This helps people to buy food, and clothes, pay their rent, and use this money for their essential needs. It’s not a big amount but it can make people like it a bit better.

Without the Sassa relief grant, many people and their families would have struggled to live their lives. So, it’s just like a helping strategy of the government to make sure that the people of their country can get the things they need for their lives. This Sassa relief grant can lessen the rate of deaths of people because of starvation and having fewer resources. This step can make their economy grow even stronger and make their people loyal to their country. 

Reasons for Cancelling Sassa Relief Grant

People suffer in various stages of life and it normally depends upon the situation that a borrowing person can face. The reason behind the cancellation may change for each individual so let’s understand what are the expected reasons for cancelling the Sassa Relief Grant. If you think you are one of them you should cancel your grant:

Improved financial conditions

If your financial condition has improved after some time you’ve applied. It seems you are earning more money than the Sassa means test. You should cancel your Sassa relief grant as soon as possible

Helping others in need

If you are having better financial conditions than others around you. Like families with bad resources. You should cancel your grant to free up the resources for them.

Apply for a job

Few companies have job restrictions for those people who receive Sassa relief grants. If you are facing rejections from certain jobs you should cancel your grant for having good jobs.  

Ineligibility concerns

If you think you may be ineligible in the coming days and maybe you face rejection. Then please try to cancel your Sassa Srd Grant by yourself

How to cancel Sassa Srd Grant

We are going to discuss a few different ways to understand Sassa R350 cancellation methods. Firstly, you need to contact the Sassa office. They will provide you with information and necessary details. But if you don’t want to go to their office, here’s a quick solution to cancel your relief grant.

Cancel the Sassa Grant Over the Phone

People ask how to cancel the Srd Grant. You can cancel your Sassa relief grant by using your cell phone:

  • Dial the Sassa toll-free number on 0800 60 10 11.
  • Listen to the prompts and select the option to speak with a representative. 
  • Once connected with a representative, provide your full name, ID number, and the reason for cancelling your application. 
  • Wait for the representative to process your cancellation request. 

Cancel the Sassa Grant Online via the website

You can cancel your Sassa relief grant online through their official website:

  • Visit their official website open this link in your web browser’s search bar.
  • Once the Sassa website opens, scroll down to look for the “Apply for a Grant” section. Click on it.
  • You will be directed to another page where you will need to provide information in two boxes.
  • In the first box, enter your 13-digit bar-coded ID number.
  • In the second box, enter the mobile phone number you used when applying for the grant.
  • Click the “Send Pin” option below the boxes.
  • You will receive an OTP pin on your mobile phone. Enter the pin in the box provided.
  • Click the button labeled “Cancel My Grant” if you wish to cancel your application.

How to cancel r350 Grant via WhatsApp

You can cancel your Sassa relief grant by using your WhatsApp:

  • Save Sassa’s WhatsApp number: 082 046 8553.
  • Send a message to this number with the message “Cancel Sassa R350 Grant.”
  • Once you receive a menu with various options, select “Cancel My Application.”
  • Provide your ID number and mobile phone number as requested.
  • Confirm your cancellation.

How to cancel Sassa relief Grant via Email

You can also cancel your Sassa relief grant by using your email:

  • Compose an email to Sassa at [email protected].
  • Clearly state your query in the email subject line.
  • Within the email, express your request to cancel your SRD grant application.
  • Feel free to include any additional questions you may have related to Sassa grants.
  • Send your email and patiently await a response from the Sassa team.

By following these steps provided by us, you’ll be able to cancel your Sassa relief grant application easily. This information provides you with simple and easy ways to complete the Sassa Cancel application using any of the methods that suit you. 

How much Sassa take time to approve a Grant Cancellation Request?

People ask how much time It takes to cancel the Sassa Grant. Normally Sassa takes 2-7 business days to review the application. This time may vary, sometimes it may increase or sometimes it may decrease; it varies from case to case. As your case is reviewed you can receive a confirmation SMS on your mobile.

After receiving an SMS you are not the beneficiary of the Sassa grant so you can’t get loans after confirmation and understanding the time duration you can cancel the 350 Sassa grant.

Without a Phone Number can I cancel the Sassa relief Grant application?

Yes, you can cancel the Sassa relief grant by applying. The first method of Sassa SRD cancellation is to visit the Sassa main offices that are spread all over South Africa. To find the Sassa office branches near your house you can open your Google map and search the Sassa office near your house. After visiting the office you can easily cancel your loan. 

Please remember as you are planning to visit the Sassa office please bring your ID number assigned by the Sassa team to the Sassa Office. In case of disability or weakness then you can also cancel your subscription after visiting the Sassa web portal. On the Sassa portal, you can upgrade your phone number and then apply to cancel your Sassa grant loan.

How to Restore Cancelled Sassa Application?

The Sassa Policies always provide ease to all those who are looking to get loans. If you have cancelled your Sassa grant and in case you are facing financial issues and looking to get the loan again.

The process to reinstate or restore the Sassa Srd Grant is simple and if you can reapply then the Sassa is always looking forward to hearing from you. The reinstatement rate of Sassa loans depends upon the type of case. If you are still eligible and have all the documents then you can easily get the loan again.

What happens if after ineligibility you are still receiving the Sassa Grant Relief program?

You have to understand that you are always eligible to get Sassa loans each month. Like if you are jobless in December and get a job in January and you are looking to get the same loan amount in January as you received in December then you are considered to be cheating the system.

People always try to understand the objective of the Sassa loan program is to support deserving persons who are unable to earn income due to disability or any other reasons. If you have opportunities then you need to cancel your subscription instantly. Let’s understand what issues we face if we get the Sassa relief loans you are now ineligible to get loans

Debt Recovery

The Sassa team has always had the right to reimburse amounts that were transferred as a Sassa grant. If the applicant has a source of income and the Sassa team detects the source the bank can initiate the reimbursement process and also cancelled the eligibility of those applicants

Criminal Charges

Sometimes people after approving the Sassa loans never want to cancel the Sassa loans although they have no source of income. The Government can act different criminal charges because of the cheating done by the applicant to the bank or indirectly to the government of South Africa 


Maybe you will be blacklisted for Sassa Loans and all other loans so be careful while dealing with any type of loans 

Please understand the Sassa team always manages the proper monitoring and verification of data provided by applicants so in case of any changes the Sassa team raises a flag. Before raising a question from the bank you need to request the bank to cancel your loan so it will be more useful for you.


In conclusion, understanding the process of canceling your Sassa Relief Grant is crucial, whether due to improved financial conditions, a desire to help others, job opportunities, or potential ineligibility. The Sassa Cancel application can be efficiently done through various channels, including phone, online, WhatsApp, or email. It is essential to confirm your grant’s status before initiating the cancellation process. The Sassa Relief Grant plays a vital role in providing a safety net for those facing financial challenges in South Africa, emphasizing the importance of the program. However, if circumstances change, timely cancellation ensures ethical practices and opens opportunities for those genuinely in need. Always adhere to the guidelines and be aware of potential consequences, such as debt recovery, criminal charges, or blacklisting, if you continue to receive the grant despite being ineligible. Ultimately, responsible and informed actions benefit both individuals and the broader community


Here are several methods through which you can cancel the Sassa application

You can check Sassa bank details either through your bank app or you can check your expenses and deduct them from the borrowing amount 

Yes you can check the Sassa R350 grant by using WhatsApp or by calling the toll-free number 

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