SASSA Referred Status | Means, Reasons, and Solutions in 2024

SASSA is a South African Social Security Agency. It provides social relief to the common citizens facing financial difficulties and can not make ends meet. They only assist eligible people as they have declared in their grant criteria. After application submission, they check whether the given information is real or fake. Based on real information, they approve the Grant applications.

SASSA Referred Status

Has your application status been stuck in referred? What does referred mean to Sassa’s status? Sometimes you may have to face ‘SASSA Referred Status’ while checking the status of an SRD grant, child grant, old age grant, or others. It might be new and confusing for you because instead of approved, pending, and declined it shows the referred message. Let’s discuss the reasons and solutions.

Understanding SASSA Referred Status 

When your SASSA status is referred, then referred sassa status mean? it means they’re checking your application even more closely because they suspect something that might not be doubting. It involves internal verification like income history, assets, and other factors to see if you’re eligible. Passing the SASSA means test is important to remove the application from referred status. 

SASSA reviews applications for fraud risk, checking if your ID or phone number has been linked to any dishonest activity. They use databases like SAFPS to verify your information. Sometimes, your application might be flagged randomly for a detailed review, even without suspicion of fraud.

This process usually takes 1–3 months before you know the final decision.

If you believe you qualify for the grant, don’t worry about the Srd referred status. There is still light of hope, even if you’re worried about your application that it might be rejected. Meeting the SASSA screening test and eligibility criteria gives you a chance for your application approval.

Reasons that can be the Cause of SASSA Referred Status 

SASSA might take a longer time to verify your application for various reasons. In that case, it can show the referred status. Sometimes, delays happen because of a large number of applications or issues in applications like missing important documents or incorrect contact details.

If your SASSA status shows referred, there can be different reasons:

Document Issues 

Providing incorrect and incomplete or forgetting to upload all necessary documents initially, might show referred SASSA status. You can update your application if you know what documents are missing, or you always have to make sure to attach the updated documentation. If they ask for some additional verification documents, provide them to prevent long-term delays. 

Missing Contact Information

If you have entered the wrong phone number or email address or if you forget one of them during the application process. This might happen if you make any typing mistake while entering your contact information, your status might show “referred.” It’s important to provide accurate information. It’s highly recommended to double-check your information before submitting your application to prevent long-term delays.

Multiple Applications

If you accidentally submit multiple applications, it can be due to an internet connection and you tried to click on submit option so many times. If you applied for other SASSA grants using the same information. It can also lead to a referred SASSA status for submitting multiple applications for a person. Make sure to apply only once to avoid this and wait a bit and apply only for one grant at a time.

Error in Updating Banking Information

You might not select any payment method if you provide any wrong or incomplete details for your grant. Or might be you made a typing mistake while changing your banking details. That can also be the cause of referred SASSA status. You need to remember not to enter someone else banking information while processing your application. SASSA will never pay your grant payments in someone else account. 

Suspected Fraud 

If you lost your SASSA card or stolen one. You need to contact SASSA to prevent any fraudulent activity. SASSA will help you to recover your account and grant.

It might be the case, that if SASSA detected any doubtful activity about your contact details your status might face the referred SASSA status. You need to make sure that someone else has used your number or ID in any illegal activity to prevent fraud. SASSA will investigate any suspicious activity before approving the grant.

Applying for a New SASSA Card or Renewal

While applying for a new SASSA card you might enter any incorrect Information mistakenly. There can be mistakes in your contact details or your ID verification. It can also lead to a referred SASSA status. Make sure to provide correct information and also double-check it.

Confirmation Delay

If SASSA gets to know about your good assets or healthy income amount, they will need more time to verify your income and assets. In that case, your status might show referred. They’ll respond to your application once the investigation is complete.

Receiving Other Grants

If SASSA finds your information in the other welfare projects from the other relief databases like NSFAS, UFI, or SARS. It can also lead to a referred SASSA status, which means you are receiving government support already. 

Solutions for SASSA referred Status

If you know the exact reason for your referred status. If you have any confusions you need to contact SASSA. Mainly we will discuss three steps needed to be taken to solve the SASSA-referred status issue. You can easily solve this by using the following solutions.

Solutions for SASSA referred Status

Step 01: Solving the Problem from Your End

Once you find the reason for the above-mentioned reasons, first you need to solve the issue by yourself. You need to check all your contact details, your email address, or your banking details. If you notice any of the missing placement or wrong provided details, correct them eventually. 

If SASSA informs you that your application is randomly “referred” for a detailed review, you do not need to take action from your side. However, if they identify any problem. You need to follow their instructions to resolve it. Often, the issues arise from SAFPS (South African Fraud Prevention Services) records. If you think that your involvement is just by mistake, you can contact SAFPS and request for removal of your name. Once they verify, they’ll remove your name from their records.

Step 02: Identifying the Specific Cause of Your Sassa “Referred” Status

After verification of your application and all the contact or identity details. If you do not find anything that can be the cause of the referred SASSA status, you need to contact SASSA for the real reason and guidance for resolving it.

  • Contact SASSA via Toll-Free Number

Follow the steps below to call SASSA:

  • Dail SASSA toll toll-free number 0800 60 10 11.
  • When you call, carefully, listen to the automated voice for options and choose the right option to talk to a SASSA talk person.
  • Once connected, ask why your application is referred. You’ll need to confirm your identity by giving your application reference number, ID card number, and the phone number you used to apply. 
  • After verification, they’ll explain why your application is referred and what you need to do next.

If talking on the phone makes you uneasy, you can contact SASSA using their official WhatsApp at 0820468553. Just write them a message and ask about why your application status is marked as referred. They’ll first confirm your identity. Once they ensure you as the authorized person, they’ll tell you why your application’s status is marked as referred and guide you about the details of how to solve the problem.

  • Contact via Visiting SASSA Office 

Suppose you’re more comfortable with face-to-face interactions and prefer traditional methods over digital communication yet in the advanced world. In that case, you can visit the nearest SASSA office to inquire about your application status.

You need to bring your ID document, application ID, and the phone number same as you used for your SASSA grant application. Before visiting them, check the office’s working hours to avoid any problems.

Once you arrive, wait for your turn and then speak to the SASSA officer about the reason for your SASSA referred status. They’ll ask for your identity documents and the phone number associated with your application. Once you get verified, they’ll explain the reasons behind your status and guide you through the steps to resolve it.

Step 03: Emailing SASSA with Supporting Evidence

Once you’ve resolved the issue, you should use the Sassa referred email address [email protected] with evidence showing that you’ve fixed the problem from your end. SASSA will then review your request and update your application status accordingly.

Keep in mind that it may take SASSA up to 2 weeks to update your application status after they receive your proof.

That’s all! you need to do to resolve your referred application problem. Now, just wait for SASSA to update your application status. It’ll be done soon!

SASSA Status ‘Referred linked Risk Mobile’

If your application status shows “Referred Linked Risk Mobile,” it means your phone number may have been associated with fraudulent activity in the SAFPS (South African Fraud Prevention Services) database. However, if you’re innocent, there’s no need to panic.

Follow the same process mentioned above to contact SAFPS and request the removal of your name from any fraudulent association. Once SAFPS removes your name, send the proof of removal to SASSA at [email protected]. By doing so, you need to ensure that your application status is updated accordingly.


Encountering a SASSA referred status might cause some concern, but it’s all part of the process when applying for a social grant. It’s crucial to understand why your application is referred, whether it’s due to suspicion of fraud or simply a standard verification procedure. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can address the issue and move forward with your application. Remember, SASSA might take a couple of weeks to update your status, so patience is key. If you encounter any difficulties, don’t hesitate to reach out to SASSA directly for assistance. Rest assured, your much-needed financial support will be on its way soon.


When SASSA status shows “referred,” await further communication or contact SASSA for clarification. Ensure all necessary documents are submitted and stay updated on any instructions provided.

You can check your SASSA reference number online by logging into the SASSA portal or app using your credentials, and then navigating to the section for reference numbers. Alternatively, you can contact SASSA directly through their helpline or visit a local SASSA office for assistance.

You will receive notification from SASSA regarding the status of your appeal, either through mail, SMS, or on the online portal. Check regularly for updates on your appeal’s approval status. If in doubt, contact SASSA directly for clarification.

To check your SASSA pending status, log in to the SASSA online portal or app using your credentials. Navigate to the section for application status or pending applications. Alternatively, contact SASSA directly via their helpline or visit a local SASSA office for assistance in checking your pending status.

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