How to Recover Forgotten SASSA Reference Number 

The SASSA application process and receiving SASSA grant payments have become very easy nowadays because of online applications. It also lessened the queues from the SASSA offices. Once SASSA receives and checks your application, SASSA will assign you an SRD reference number. This number is significant to manage your application and is also used to check the status of your SASSA SRD application.

SASSA Reference Number

Have you forgotten your SASSA reference number or how to get the file number for SASSA? Do you want to recover your SASSA reference number? The SASSA reference number also represents the SASSA application ID number. Some people ask how I got my SASSA application ID. Forgetting SASSA reference numbers or application IDs can be very frustrating and troublesome. But don’t worry we will guide you through the step-by-step process to recover your SASSA reference number easily.

Why SASSA Reference Number is Important?

The SASSA reference number is the unique application ID number provided to easily track and identify the SASSA grant holders. If you had applied using an online website, you had received your application ID by email or mobile number. If you applied by visiting in person, your ref number must be printed on the receipt provided by the SASSA officer after submitting the SASSA application.

Suppose we identify the reference digits in the language of SASSA. It carries a huge importance for both SASSA and the grant recipient. Reference number also works as the service provider; it helps SASSA to make sure they provide the payments to the authorized person. So, it’s essential to keep it secure. It is possible that you can forget about your SASSA ID number. 

As you know, we are all human beings, and forgetting things is like us. Understanding this nature, SASSA provides multiple options to recover your ID number if you lost it by mistake or forget it as well. I will recommend you to write your SASSA application ID number in a safe place, in case if you forget or lose it you can easily access it by yourself.  

The Process to Recover your Lost SASSA Reference Number

The process of SASSA reference number recovery is very simple. Here we are going to discuss six different ways to recover your SASSA ID number in detail.

Process to Recover your Lost SASSA Reference Number

Method 01: Recovery Online Through Status Check

The easiest way to find your SASSA application reference number online is by checking your application status on the SSCBD or SASSA official website. Here’s how:

  • Visite SASSA official website using this link:
  • You need to enter your South African ID card number and phone number.
  • After entering identity details, Click on the “submit” option.
  • Your SASSA application reference number will shown on the top of the screen along with other application details.

That’s it! You’ve recovered your application reference number with just a few simple clicks.

Method 02: Recovery Online Via WhatsApp

Another quick way to recover your SASSA application ID is through WhatsApp. Follow these simple steps:

  • SASSA’s WhatsApp Number is 082 046 8553. firstly save it to your phone contacts.
  • Send them the message “Status” using that WhatsApp number.
  • You’ll receive a robotic reply message from SASSA. Reply to them “Yes” for confirmation.
  • Follow any further prompts and provide additional information if required.
  • That’s it! Your SASSA reference number will be provided to you.

As you can see, it’s easy to get your application ID back with just a few clicks using WhatsApp.

Method 03: Recovery Online Via USSD

You can also recover your SASSA application ID for any SASSA grant using the USSD method. Here’s how:

  • Dial the SASSA’s USSD code 1203210#  using your mobile phone.
  • A prompt will ask for your ID number. Enter your South African ID Card number.
  • Next, another prompt will ask for the phone number same as you used to apply for your SASSA application. Enter this number.
  • Your SASSA reference number will then be displayed on your screen.

With these simple steps, you can easily get back your SASSA ID number using the USSD method.

Method 04: Recovery Via Calling Toll-Free Number

If you prefer human interaction to recover your forgotten application reference number, you can do so by calling the SASSA call center helpline. Here are the steps:

  • Call SASSA using their toll-free number 0800 60 10 11.
  • You will be prompted by the auto-recorded call response, press 1 to talk with the SASSA representative.
  • You’ll be connected with a SASSA officer.
  • Request your application ID from the representative.
  • The officer will verify your identity by asking for your ID Card and phone number.
  • After verification, they’ll provide you with your SASSA application reference number.

While this method is easy, keep in mind that you might have to wait to connect with a SASSA officer due to high call volumes. Check online or use the USSD code for quicker and easier access to your reference number.

Method 05: Recovery Via Visiting SASSA Office

If you find the above methods difficult, you can consider visiting your nearest SASSA office and consult with their customer service team. Inform them that you’ve lost your reference number and need assistance to recover it. They will likely ask for some identification documents, so remember to bring along your ID or any relevant documents they may need. 

The SASSA customer service team is there to help, make sure you have the necessary information, and get back on track.

Method 06: Recovery Online Via Email

If you are unable or fail to make a call or visit in person or using other methods, you can contact SASSA via their email address at [email protected]. Don’t forget to provide your ID number and ask for help in recovering your SASSA application reference number.

Example of SASSA Reference Number or File Number

You might be curious about how to recognize your application ID or file number. Here’s an example to help you identify it easily:

Example of SASSA form Reference Number: STATUS 444 6655

Steps You should take after Recover Reference Number

After you receive your reference number, write it down and place it safely. You’ll need this number for any questions or problems related to your SASSA grant in the future. Make sure you don’t forget or misplace your application reference number again, so you can easily find it whenever you need it.

Difference Between SASSA Application ID and Reference Number

The SASSA application ID and reference number are essentially the same thing, even though sometimes they’re called by different names. So, if SASSA asks for either one, don’t get confused—they’re referring to the same unique identifier for your application.


If you’ve been confused about whether the SASSA application ID and reference number are the same, now you know they are. You’ve also learned how to recover it if you forget or lose it. Just follow the steps carefully. Your application ID is crucial for any SASSA grant inquiries or issues, so keep it safe and handy.

Overall, the SASSA reference number is vital for managing grant requests and can be retrieved through various methods like online platforms, WhatsApp, USSD, email, or visiting a SASSA office. It’s important to safeguard this number as it helps identify you within the SASSA system. 


To find your SASSA reference number, call the SASSA helpline, visit an SASSA office, or check your application status online using your ID number. Alternatively, look for it in any communication you’ve received from SASSA, such as SMS or email confirmations. Remember to keep your reference number secure for future reference.

If you’ve forgotten your SASSA number, you can retrieve it by contacting SASSA through their helpline, visiting an SASSA office with your identification documents, or checking any correspondence or documents you received from SASSA previously. Make sure to have your details ready for verification.

To obtain your application ID number, you can contact the relevant organization or agency where you submitted your application, check any confirmation emails or documents you received upon application, or visit their online portal if available, using your personal information for verification.

People ask what is the application ID for Sassa or How to get the application id for Sassa. To obtain your 6-digit application ID for SASSA, you can contact the SASSA helpline, visit an SASSA office with your identification documents, or check any communication you’ve received from SASSA regarding your application, such as SMS or email confirmations. Make sure to keep your application ID secure for future reference.

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